As 2018 winds down, there comes an excitement to welcome 2019 afresh because a new year means a new start. So, why not begin making this new start from your home? Isn’t it quite a cool idea to give a fresh start to 2019 by making a little change in the interiors of your home?

In 2018, we have seen virtually all from two-toned kitchen cabinetry to banquette seating and everything in between. While all these styles are likely to continue playing their role in the coming years too, there is a whole new crop of home designing trends to consider for 2019. Whether you are planning for a complete remodeling or just open to brainwave of a simple refresh, mull over this list on the top home designing trends predicted by the industry experts.


A combination of contrasting textures and sleek finishes seems to be a big hit in 2019. Think mirrored backsplashes with highly-polished marble work tops or cupboards with textured bronze inlays or any other interesting combination of textures and styles that may entice your senses. Bold contrast either in some part or complete design may arise as style quotient.


Black is the forever beauty. So, you can never go wrong with black and as the top interior designing trends are revealed for 2019, the industry professionals have come to the conclusion that black is taking over the realm of interior designing. Shades of Black is used in multiple ways – black walls, black furniture, black prints, black finishes and fixtures; black is pretty much everywhere. However, professional interior designers always suggest pairing black with light hues as the contrast of dark and light colors can further enhance the overall appearance of the space. Use of black color creatively with any other color to match your lifestyle improves not only look & feel of the space but also enhances the mood of the people, if used correctly.


Interior designing trend for 2019 is inclining towards a more environmentally-friendly approach. Hence, it would be pretty pleasant to see a lot of warm and nature accessories combined with earthen luxury. Materials that are obtained from nature or the things that mimic the look of nature can best fulfill this need. To bring the nature indoors, you can make use of natural wood in the interiors of your home, paired with different stone materials such as marble, pebbles, granite and those that complement with natural elements. This interior designing style will make your space look more antique and authentic. Many companies are coming out with new alternate material with re-cycling properties which will take front seat in coming years.


One of the most dominant interior designing trends which may take place in 2019 is the use of curved and smooth edged furniture. Gone are the days of usual boxy edges and clean lines among furniture designs. People are no longer in love with square and rectangular furniture with straight lines; they are moving towards round shaped furniture with soft fabric. At present, people admire the delight of soft and puffy chairs and curved coffee tables, which is all about comfort and elegance. The style of rounded and curved furnishing resembles the home designing trend of previous decades. So, it seems like that the trend of 80’s and 70’s are making a comeback this year. All designs are moving towards customer safety and convenience with smooth curves & ergonomic shapes.


Forget about blank walls, it will no longer be in the trend now because one of the most eye catching interior design trends for 2019 is going to be the use of mesmerizing wallpapers. Flowing with the beauty of wallpaper is a great way to add a fascinating twist to your dull living spaces. This interior design trend is certain to replace the use of artwork and other art pieces used for wall décor. While wallpapers are being used in home designing for quite a few years, there has been a big change in their patterns and designs, which will take over the coming year. Featured landscape scenery, abstract shapes, and colorful geometric patterns are some of the most popular wallpaper designs for 2019. Now a day’s wallpaper design can be customized as per your choice or themes. Use of wallpaper also helps in frequent & quick turnaround of your space.


The most game-changing interior design trend for 2019 is in personalizing the space, which means owning your space by infusing your own loves, likes, character and style throughout it. By adding a personal touch to your space, you can leave a mark of your individuality in your living space, making it feel customized for your lifestyle.

Hey, what are you waiting for? The arrival of 2019 is not so far! Rush now to get in contact with a professional interior designer to make your home New Year ready!

Happy remodeling!!


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