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Yoga is one of the processes known as the activity of unification. However, the unification is multifaceted and includes various existing systems of human being. These systems include emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental conditions. Nowadays, it has become easy to become a yoga teacher in India.

Interested people will have to execute a special 200-hour yoga course to be the teacher. The unification process occurs between the individual consciousness and the universal consciousness. This process is also referred to as Samadhi often and this is one of the primary transformations to occur within the yoga practice.

There is no right or wrong system of yoga as each of them possesses some distinct characteristics accommodating various personalities existing in human beings. However, these traditions of yoga are as young as 500 years and old as several thousand of years.

Different types of yoga

There are various modern practices defined by so many teachers, but the systems will discuss the traditional systems that have been in existence throughout several generations.

Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti Yoga is known to be a practice of developing a state of devotion within individuals’ mind and heart. A strong sense of faith is required as individuals are expected to submit themselves to God through the process of self-surrendering. The technique of this Bhakti Yoga has been designed to help people surrender their ego and embrace the love that has been created by God.

Basically, this practice is advised to the people who are well connected with their emotions. Even who is also receptive of more subtle feelings developed within themselves and others are also advised the same. Emphatic love helps to define the practice of Bhakti Yoga just like the practitioner devotes themselves to God.

Karma Yoga

Karma is known as an aspect of human life that is entirely responsible for our thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is in believe that this Karma Yoga helps to keep the rebirth cycle in motion. Past actions and events force us to take another life in order to balance out the inequalities, which have been imposed within our spirit and the universe.

This practice of this yoga is based on individuals’ Dharma or on the duties of this world. However, Dharma is determined by examining the past actions done by individuals.

Kundalini Yoga

This practice of yoga has been originated from the Tantra Yoga practice. Tantra Yoga is known to be the oldest form of spirituality in history and is still in practice today. Kundalini is known as one of the key components of this Tantra Yoga. Even it is also considered as the primordial force existence of each human being.

However, the Kundalini Yoga practice is highly advanced and only practiced by people who are well advanced in spiritual practice. People who want to know more about these practices, most of them consider executing 200-hour yoga training. Kundalini Yoga practice starts by purifying all of the chakras. This purification helps to maintain a balanced flow of prana of the body.

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