Everything You Need to Know About Shielded Badge Holders

Shielded badge holders are exactly what the name suggests – they “lock” your ID from being damaged. However, since all badge holders are basically designed to protect ID cards in some way, you might want to know why shielded badge holders are different. To answer this question, let’s study how holders can provide strong protection for your ID card and credentials.

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What is a Shielded Badge Holder?

Shielded badge holders are usually made of metal in a thin layer. Different materials can be used to make flexible or rigid clips depending on the card application. They are commonly used to carry smart cards and ID badges, including iCLASS cards, MIFARE cards, and other US government ID badges such as CAC, TWIC, FRAC, and PIV cards.

How does a Shielded Badge Holder Work?

However, shielded badge holders are not used for proximity cards. The metal insert in the card holder prevents nearby card readers from reading or scanning the smart card. It prevents the radio frequency identification (RFID) chip from transmitting the data embedded in it, so the reader’s scanning antenna cannot collect and convert the data without the knowledge of the user. This can help prevent hackers from stealing data, which is especially beneficial if the ID card is also used in payment systems, access control, or has sensitive information.

Using a shielded ID holder seems counterintuitive and inconvenient, because you must remove the ID card from the ID holder to achieve its intended purpose. Additionally, contactless RFID cards are an easy target for hacker attacks, especially contactless credit card payments. The use of protective credential holders is a practical solution to the growing identity theft and other forms of ID card forgery. Since data theft cannot be determined, many banking institutions have taken steps to use a one-time PIN or CVV to verify credit card identity for transactions. Although this is a good way to prevent data theft and credit card theft, using shielded document holders can be an easier way to protect the data and information on the terminal’s smart card.

Shielded document holders can be convenient solutions for government agencies and commercial companies using RFID-based smart cards for secure area access and on-site payment. Since their issuing cards do not use two-factor authentication, the use of protected certificate holders can help prevent any data breaches in high-security organizations that handle sensitive information.

How Smart Cards Work

Generally, smart cards in radio frequency identification (RFID) programs work with an internal chip that interfaces with a dedicated card reader. The card reader contains an antenna to scan the RFID chip. When the scanning antenna picks up a chip, it will take data from the chip and send it back to the receiver, which will convert the data for use in payment systems, access control systems, etc.

Certificate holders with shielded badges can help disrupt this process. The metal material helps prevent the smart card reader antenna from picking up the smart card. Essentially, the metal “shields” the scanning antenna chip, reflecting the wave back and preventing any data transmission.

Why Prevent RFID Cards from being Scanned?

It seems a bit contradictory, doesn’t it? After all, the point of RFID cards is that they are contactless and convenient to allow quick data collection or granting of access rights. However, many of today’s RFID cards can contain sensitive data. For example, an employee identification smart card used in a large company may contain information such as the cardholder’s name, title, and security clearance. Even if the front of the card only has a name and a photo, there may be a lot of data on the chip below the surface, and this data also exists on the card, so the system can use it to verify access rights, what a good use of RFID for the smart card, however, this is not the data you want to use for public consumption.

Thus, a shielded badge holder protects your card and prevents sensitive information from hackers. If you are looking for shielded badge holder or any type of plastic card accessories, you can always visit us for some great collection.

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