Everything You Need to Know About Noise at Workplace

by noise level meter. The process requires generating a rough diagram of the workplace where the sources of noise and employees are marked.

Sound measurements are obtained from multiple locations and the areas producing high-When the sound levels are extremely loud causing disturbance and unpleasantness to the ears then it can be termed as noise. Exposure to noise can be hazardous to health and safety. Effective measures must be adopted to reduce or stop the exposure to high-decibel noises especially at the workplace.

Why? Well, high-decibel noise at the workplace is an unsuitable work condition which impacts employees’ health and productivity negatively. This is why the levels of noise should be kept in check with appropriate methods such as noise monitoring.

Identifying the issue of Noise at Workplace

Certain high-decibel levels of noise is deemed as an issue for the workplace environment. But how can you possibly identify such an issue? Well, the most obvious way to know that is to take readings with the use of the right tools.

Initially, a simple walk around the work premise can give you an idea of the areas that are affected with noise. Furthermore, in order to identify noise issues here are some indicators to look out for:

–        Employees require to speak louder in order to be heard within a distance of 3ft

–        The people in work premises experience humming or ringing in their ears after leaving work

–        Noise is beyond the level of noise produced from city traffic

–        Employees working for prolonged years have developed hearing loss

If one or more of these indicators are visible to you then it is highly possible that your workplace has a noise issue and you need immediate measures to tame the situation.

Noise Monitoring and Its Process

The process of noise monitoring is to measure the levels of noise throughout the premise. With this process, some important information can be obtained which can be used to control noise. The noise monitoring process offers the following –

–        Machines or equipment that are producing high-decibel noises

–        Areas where people are being exposed to high level noise

–        The source for the generation of high level noises

–        Exposed employees’ to the high-decibel noises

–        Recommendations to control high-decibel noises and limit exposure to it

Measuring Noise Levels in Workplace

The process of measuring noise levels in workplace premises is conducteddecibel noises are identified on the diagram and marked. The higher number of measurements indicates the level of accuracy of the survey conducted.


The process of noise monitoring is accurately performed by a team of qualified professionals in order to record the levels of noise produced. Exposure to noise can be hazardous for health and safety of employees at a workplace. Only via appropriate noise monitoring, the issue of noise can be tracked and controlled. Don’t let your employees suffer the consequence of noise and get the process of noise monitoring done at your workplace now!

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