Personalised sportwear is widely favored over traditional sportswear these days for obvious reasons such as autonomy. There are various manufacturers who make the task of designing your own sportswear easy by providing useful tools. Here, in this blog, we will be discussing about those tools and other interesting details about personalised basketball jerseys.

How to Design Your Own Basketball Jersey?

This is the first question anyone looking for personalised basketball jersey is likely to ask. Contrary to general belief, designing your own basketball jersey is rather easy. All it requires is finding the right manufacturer who has a free online 3D kit designer. One of those manufacturers is Zapkam.

Available on Zapkam’s website is a free online 3D kit designer that affords ease to sportsmen and club managers in creating custom design basketball jerseys for their team/s. The journey from there is pretty simple. You would be required to choose a style from the available options of basketball jerseys. Then, simply follow the steps provided by your manufacturer, which may involve picking the colours based on your chosen style, adding logo/s, name/s, initials et al. Once done, all you need to do is choose the size and quantity, add the address, and place the order.

How to Find Your Right Size?

Before you place the order, there is a crucial question your manufacturer will ask. It is the size of your custom design basketball jersey. This is a hurdle you will cross easily with these two tricks.

Trick number one is to measure your right size through four simple steps. Begin by finding an item of clothing that fits you well. Then, place it down on a flat table. With a measuring tape, measure the chest from underarm to underarm, and the length, from top to bottom. After you have the numbers, compare them with your manufacturers size guide to find your right size.

Trick number two is to order a sample to try before you buy. There are various manufacturers, such as Zapkam, who offer this option.

How to Wash Your Basketball Jersey?

Once you have designed, received and also played in your basketball jersey, then comes the time when you need to wash it. There are a few crucial points you would need to keep in mind while washing your basketball jersey.

First, do not leave dirty jersey in the bag. Second, use liquid detergent. Third, do not tumble dry your jersey. Fourth, wash it at no higher than forty degrees. Fifth, dry it on an airer at room temperature. Sixth, do not leave it on a radiator and in direct sunlight. Seventh, do not iron it.

Final Words

To design your own basketball jersey is an interesting task. Choosing to do so may prove highly beneficial if backed with the right knowledge. Through this blog, we have endeavored to guide your way forward with useful information. In case there is more that you would like to know, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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