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Essential Baking Tools for Kitchen

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While many individuals are of the belief that the ideal baker’s kitchen space is overflowing with every kind of tool, gadget and gizmo there is, more often than not the opposite is true. As long as you have a few basic tools, you can effortlessly whip up a variety of scrumptious recipes.

So if you are relatively new to the concept of baking and are at a loss when it comes to the baking tools you are going to need, here are a few essentials you simply need to own to put together a scrumptious baked meal.

When going in for baking pans

The difference between a perfect cake and a sunken, burnt one lies in the pans you use for baking.  It is better to go for a nice thick pan with a light to medium colored finish. When going for square or rectangular pans, go for ones with straight corners and sides. You can also think about getting non-stick pans that are better insulated and as a result, bake more evenly.

Round cake pans

The most versatile size of round cake pans is the 8-inch baking pans. Other than this, you can also go for 6-inch pans if you bake regularly for fewer people. It is better to go for cake pans with straight vertical sides as this makes the trimming process easy.

Half sheet pans

Half sheet pans are ideal for sweet and savory dishes, particularly cookies. Go for a good quality medium to a light-colored set of non-stick sheet pans. You can also incorporate a quarter sized sheet pan, an aluminum sheet pan as well as jelly roll pan to your list of items.

13 by 9-inch rectangular pans

These pans are perfect for baking bar cookies, brownies, and even rice krispie treats. It is vital to go for a pan with straight sides and faultless square corners. This ensures you obtain neat and tidy cookies, an added bonus for neat freaks.

Pie pans

A 9-inch aluminum pie tin without any frills, handles or ruffles is also a useful thing to have. You won’t even have to worry about getting knife marks when you cut slices out of a pie. If it gets worn out, all you have to do is replace it.

8 by 8-inch square pans
This is better for smaller batches of bars and brownies. It is exactly half of a 13 by 9-inch pans. If you are still baking an even smaller batch, you can even go in for a 6 by 6 version that can easily hold an 8 by 8 recipe.

So, there you go. Other than this, you can also think about specific tart pans with a removable bottom, a loaf pan, a muffin pan, and even a mini muffin pan. Other than these pieces of equipment, you should also think about obtaining the right kitchen scale, stand mixer, kitchen timer, measuring cups, pastry blenders, fine mesh sieves, round cutters, spatulas and mixing bowls. If you are looking for the best quality bakeware online, you can head to KitchenAid where you get resilient pieces of equipment at competitive costs, giving you the best of both worlds.

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