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Enjoy Hosting Corporate and Team Building Events in Dubai

In the fast-paced world that we live in, oftentimes we miss out on the most crucial bonds that are required for us to form, to ensure high productivity and efficiency at the workplace. While many companies focus on personal growth, team-building exercises are equally important to ensure improved productivity, efficiency, better communications, and overall personal growth.

Here are some of the corporate team building activities in Dubai and also creative events that corporate teams can indulge in. It is important to ensure that your employees are well adjusted, and these kinds of events improve the employees feeling of wellbeing and hence, ensuring their performance and creativity increase.

The Big Picture

This is a corporate team-building exercise that is focused on improving communications and collaboration with team members. Here, each company has an artwork that showcases the goals, values, and mission done by the graphic designers prior to starting this activity.  Once the activity starts, individuals are assigned to small teams; each individual will get their blank canvas and paints and brushes. The point is to collaborate with your team members to create a work of art. This cannot be achieved without communicating with the other teams, effectively ensuring that everyone interacts and works together to create the big picture.

The Atlantean Exploration

This exercise is an adventurous and fun way to bring the team together. This promotes competitiveness, creativity, and communications. Here, teams are given secret codes and messages, around the resort that they need to find; they have to decipher and complete physical activities. The team which completes all the challenges fastest will be the one to win. This will build trust amongst the teams and ensure that everyone puts in their best side to achieve.


This is a great way for people with no musical talents to learn and have fun at the same time. During this exercise, each individual learns to play an instrument under the guidance of experienced teachers. Once basic proficiency is achieved, the team then comes together to play five minutes long, carefully orchestrated piece. This is a great way to promote self-awareness and respect amongst peers; also music can increase the overall wellbeing of the employees; and is often considered to be a form of meditation.

Camel Chukkas

This is an Arabian take on polo games; using camels instead of horses. Under the guidance of trained instructors, one gets to play this fun game with temperamental, impulsive and intelligent creatures. This is a unique way for teams to bond and relax and should be attempted at least once for the ones who want something out of the box.

Desert Masterpieces

During this activity, teams compete with each other to create and model the best sandcastles. While this kind of activity is generally attributed to children’s activity, this enhances team coordination, communication and planning. The teams will have a two-hour window to create something magical.

Team Parties and Corporate Events on a Yacht

There are many ways to effectively allow your team to interact and relax, and one of the nicest ways to do that will be on a yacht. There are services where the entire yacht can be booked for staff parties, corporate events, award functions and more.

One can go about differently to strengthen their bonds in the corporate area with their colleagues. The ones mentioned here are only a few creative corporate event ideas. There are many more services to choose from; one can also create a customized team-building experience, which is specific only to their requirements.

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