Enjoy delicious meal best places in Delhi

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East of Kailash is one of the best places in South Delhi where people mostly visit to watch movie and restaurants. This is one of the reasons that there are many restaurants, cafes, bars at the east of Kailash were people can enjoy delicious food. People who wish to visit some of the best places must go through Kailash restaurants cafes and bars guide Delhi. So, if you are at the east of Kailash restaurant and craving for some sumptuous food go for Chinese Garage. This restaurants server best Chinese cuisines and among all noodles over can find a variety of noodles which are very yummy. This is the best place to go with friends as it is very small and accommodate seating of 10 people but it does not mean the quality of food is not good. If you are in Delhi and weather is cold opting for this places to get some of the best dishes. Burmese Khao Suey, Pan fried noodles are some of the best dishes served at Chinese Garage.

Hwealthcafe is one such place in the east of Kailash where platters and smoothies are served. It is the best rooftop restaurant where one can spend quality time with family and friends. People who are on diet can also find some of the best dishes which is healthy but will not add extra kilos to the body. Meal platters are being prepared with brown rice which is good for health and best for people who are on diet. One who loves fast food can get best sandwiches, wraps, burgers and many more which is liked by all. Some of the best non-veg dishes are also served at this café. So, if confused go through East of Kailash restaurants cafes and bars guide Delhi to find some of the best places.

Which are best places to visit in Kailash Colony?

Kailash colony is the best places when it is about to enjoy some best street food. There are some of the best cafes and bars where youngsters can hang out with their friends and even get socialize with people. Cafe 27 is one such place which is best for parties and weekends. It has a pebbled terrace along with thatched roof which can give cool vibes while sitting at the lounge bar. Live music is also there on weekends where people can enjoy their favorite drink along with the best music. One who is sports lovers should visit this place as it has love screening of some big sports. So, during the weekend it is advisable to reserve a table. People who follow Kailash colony restaurants bars cafes guide will really find some best places to hang out on weekends.

The Big Chill café is one such place which is in main Kailash market and is center of attraction when one is craving for something special and yummy. It is having vintage theme décor along with retro posters to give positive vibes. Interior itself is quite pleasing and when accompanies with sumptuous food one can just feel satisfied. It has two-floor seating still during weekends one can to reserve a table to get a comfortable place. People who love desserts will find this place iconic and this is one of the reasons that people are attracted to such a place.

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