The Endless Options for Taking First Aid Training

Alert rescue, massage, defibrillate, treat bleeding. If you master these essential actions of emergency, they may be useful if you witness an accident of everyday life or an exceptional situation. You may be able to save the life of a loved one or the followings now:

A collective awareness

The campaign “adopt the behaviors that save” has even become a big national cause in 1990 and2016. It is a joint work proposed by the firefighters, the Red Cross and the National Federation of the civil protection which carry out actions of sensitization and formation with the risks which surround all.

Everyday life as well as exceptional situations (storm, flood or attack) sometimes put people in difficult medical situations: discomfort, falls, cardiac arrest, injuries and first aid is sometimes crucial.

Where and how to train?

  • To respond to this awareness, First Aid Training in Abu Dhabi is organized throughout the world since February 1, 2016. You can register on the website of your prefecture. This initiation is free and lasts 2 hours.
  • It is about acquiring the essential gestures of the emergency relief, to alert, to mass, to defibrillate and to treat the haemorrhages.
  • At the end of the First Aid Training in Dubai, a certificate will be given by the trainer on behalf of the prefect.
  • Several formations exist. Some are of the order of initiation others allow the obtaining of a patent of first aid.
  • Randomly from a street, a ride on a scooter, an evening with friend’s life, you may be led to be a victim or witness an accident, aggression or discomfort.
  • Without being a firefighter, rescuer or emergency doctor, you can be there to react, to help and why not save a life! There is no question of improvising “heroes for a day”. There are simple actions, which may seem almost innocuous but are in fact of paramount importance and can save a person.These gestures cannot be invented. You must know them, be trained and be able to put them into practice when the need is felt. It’s far from easy!

    Initiation to First Aid

    Intended for adults and children, this approach is the first approach to first aid. By raising awareness of the importance of first aid and having the right reflexes in the event of an accident, this Highfield Trainings in UAE instills the basics of first aid. It includes the following lessons:

    Who to alert and how to proceed?

    • The elementary gestures to be practiced while awaiting the arrival of help.
    • It is the reference First Aid Training in UAE in first aid.

    The formation of PSC 1 is accessible to any person, from 12 years and without age limit, wishing to obtain a first aid certificate.

    Sometimes required by the employer or when registering for certain competitions, this training is advised in the exercise of various activities. It is particularly recommended for professionals in early childhood, home care and sports associations.

    The formation of PSC 1 makes it possible to know how to react in the event of an accident and to take the necessary measures while waiting for the arrival of the helpers. Unlike initiation, this training is essentially practical.

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    It should be noted that recently, the use of a defibrillator is included in the PSC 1 training. At the end of this training a certificate of competence of “Citizen of civil security” is given to the person having followed the training course.

    First Aid Gestures: Objectives of the Training

    Such training is not limited to knowing the actions that save.

    It allows the trainee

    • To analyze the state of health of the victim and after giving first aid, to transmit to first aid professionals all the information necessary for his care.
    • To prevent accidents of everyday life by raising awareness of the most frequent risks.
    • To apprehend and manage an accident scene knowing how to help while protecting the victim and without putting himself in danger.

    Which First Aid Agency to Choose?

    There are no good or bad first-aid training organizations. It is essential to target your needs and expectations in order to choose the most suitable institution. Many associations and state agencies are licensed to provide first aid training.


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