Eat And Drink In A Safe Manner When You Are Pregnant

During pregnancy it is important to eat healthy food. You need to have a concise idea about the same before you plan to go ahead. If things are not on track you might have to deal with taking pain medication while pregnant and no one would want such a situation to be honest.

Increase the range of your healthy food intake

Healthy foods are important not only for a mother but also to keep the baby in the best of health. There are 4 main types of food groups that you need to consideration

  • Fruits along with vegetables- clearly around 4 to 6 servings of fruits or vegetables on a daily basis. All the more better if it 4 servings of vegetables with 2 servings of fruits
  • Breads along with cereals- close to 6 servings of bread along with cereals on a daily basis
  • Milk along with milk products- close to 3 servings of milk or milk products and all the more if it is low fat products.
  • Increase the intake of fruits along with vegetables and if possible it is better that you opt for 2 servings in a day

In order to find out more make healthy food choices when you are pregnant. During pregnancy a healthy diet really seems to be important. At the same time it is not possible to avail each and everything from food only. You need to find out more about folic acid and other prenatal vitamins during pregnancy.

Increase the intake of fluid

It is better to drink when you are thirsty. It is better if you go on to drink around 9 glasses of water every day. Water  along with low fat milk turn out to be the ideal choices. After all you are going to need more water when it is really hot and if you are exercising or vomiting. Constipation could also be an issue where it is suggested that you drink lot of water. Though pain medication when pregnant  would help to cope up with such issues. in case if you are going to throw up it is better to opt for clear soups.

Gaining weight in a healthy manner when you are pregnant

Pregnancy does pose to be a time where a lot of changes does take place in your body. It would be normally to gain weight during the tenure of pregnancy with the weight and fluid of the baby surrounding you. No exact pattern of healthy weight gain is suggested but a suggestion is thin women need to gain more weight and overweight women less. A healthy diet followed by a moderate increase in weight is suggested during the first few weeks of pregnancy. After the first 3 months it is seen that you are witnessing a healthy weight gain.

To diet during pregnancy might not be suggested as it could go on to harm the developing baby in a lot of ways. Discuss with your doctor the exact weight you need to gain during pregnancy.

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