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Dream Pools for Dream Houses: Burleigh Pools Make It Happen

When you ask a child to draw their dream house, it has a garden, a swing, a dog and of course, the pool! ‘My dream house will never have a swimming pool’ – said nobody ever. It is but a seemingly complicated task to incorporate pools into a design of the house, and sometimes, one feels overwhelmed by the very idea of the leakage and maintenance problems pools might come with. But since pools mean fun and frolic, all the happy times and much more, we are here with some great ideas for your dream splash area!

Geometric Pools: The most common types which are also pleasing to the minimalistic styled homes of modern times with straight lines and neat layouts, geometric pools need not be as boring as they seem! They can be added with fun ideas like unique step varieties, spa features to boost the comfort factor and other funky water features for a different look to your backyard pool. Burleigh Pools might be a good source to know more. These types of pools make for sound design, but they cannot utilize an irregular shaped space to the fullest and might end up being much smaller than expected due to lack of space optimization.

Free-shape Pools: Also called Free-form pools, they are a shape the client wants them to be, usually are designed to accentuate the self-expression of the pool owner, and also, to utilize the available space to the fullest. The varieties of pool features that can be added into this design are numerous! One can add waterfalls, flame pits, lighting features, stone walls, and much more. It can also be made as a resort-style pool. One can entertain guests and relax in style!

Lap Pools: Typically, a long, narrow and at least 45 feet sided pool is called a lap pool. It has been originally used for fitness purposes, but now the aesthetic purpose of lap pools has been identified too. Burleigh Pools in Burleigh Heads, Australia are experts in all pool designs including lap pools and can be contacted to add this feature to your home or yard. It is best to use lap pools to fill a narrow space and utilize small nooks of the yard, without it dominating the entire yard space.

Lap Pools by Burleigh Pools

Plunge Pools: Where space is limited, plunge pools are the best! They are small and deep, ideal for satisfying dives while needing lesser water, lesser maintenance and lower costs than regular pools, making them the ideal choice for a typical smart home pool. Plunge pools mean you don’t have to have a really large yard to accommodate swimming pool in the house. Stylish plunge pools are the best style statement. If you don’t want a pool to swim in, it can be as small as something just to lounge in for the family!

Spa Pools: Specialized and stylized pools with a massage jet and heating water features are called spa pools. Gone are the days when people used to see spas as the ultimate luxury limited only to the upmarket hotels, but it is really simple addition to have at home.

Although there are additional maintenance and space allocation required for a family pool, perfect family time can be spent beside a pool while the kids are splashing away inside of it! If one’s own backyard has a pool, nothing else can spell a great evening with friends. And these days low maintenance pools and automated maintenance technologies have come in, making the job easier. Pick any from these ideas and make your home an even more fun place to stay in!

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