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The entertainment plays a vital role in everyone life. Listening to music and watching TV are the main basis of entertainment for most of the populace in the globe. For the Android user convenience, most of the developers have created a lot of apps for the Android platform. One of the greatest apps for an Android device is Vidmate. With aid of this app, the users can view, search as well as download videos and music from the popular videos hosting websites. This app supports more than 100 websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, Daily Motion, YouTube and many others. Vidmate is considered as a perfect app to download HD videos.

Why to use the Vidmate app

The Android users make use of a lot of apps for various reasons on their phone. Each app has benefits and features in it. The vidmate is the video downloading the app for Android user. It is very simple and easy to use. It is because it has a simple user interface for the user to browse or search out their relevant videos. The users can easily download and install a vidmate app from 9apps store. Once it installed they can use this app to download any kind of video and music files they need. When downloading videos, this app enables you to choose the quality and format you need to view and download videos in. The Vidmate downloader is applicable for both Android device and Windows PC.

Features of the Vidmate app

Vidmate app has loaded with a lot of features which will give better video downloading experience to the users. Below mentioned are the top features of vidmate app:

  • Can download HD videos from any sites
  • It supports more than 100 websites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and others
  • No limitation on downloads
  • Have various genres
  • Enables the user to watch Live TV shows on 24/7 origin
  • Has enhanced speed
  • Advanced download technology
  • Simple and easy to use UI and many others

Download and install 9apps

9apps is nothing but app store which has a lot of apps and games for Android device. This app was created by Alibaba group in China. Millions of users all around the world are using this app and gained more popularity. This is an app store for Android users for free. The users no need to pay an amount to download and install apps from this store. This app is the best alternative app for the Google Play Store. 9apps download and install process is so simple and easy. One can find out each and everything they need in a simple and effective manner. It has a wide collection of apps, games, music, wallpapers, ringtones, etc free. The downloading and install process of 9apps is so simple and easy. Since itself an app so it is not obtainable on the Play Store. This means the Android users need to download and install 9apps separately on phone. Once the installation is over, you can easily use it as a Play store.

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