Don’t Let Moving In Ruin the Start of Your College Life

Students are always excited about heading to their new college. Leading an independent life away from home is always exciting for them. But any level of excitement is hardly enough to carry them through the strenuous moving process.

Carefully planning all the essentials, packing the fragile items and making sure they make it to the destination in shape is not an easy task for students and their parents alike.

But here are some hacks that you can follow to make this process as smooth as possible.

Plan According to The Move-in Schedule

Prior to the move-in date colleges provide students with a move-in schedule. It is advised that you arrive early, or even a day before if you stay far away. Colleges schedule the move-in days during weekends. So hundreds of students have to settle in a very short span of time making the weekend hectic.

Reaching early may also give you a chance of choosing which room you want in the dorm, or which bed you want in the room. You would obviously like to have a bad or room of your preference as you may have to stick with it for at least a year. Arriving late will only leave you the discarded ones in case there is no pre-booking system.

Arriving early also boosts your chances of accessing elevators and getting help from college staff.

Manage your Room Space

Since dorms or apartments are shared spaces with little room for too many things, it is good to be able to communicate with your roommates and decide on who brings which items for the room. You really want to avoid doubles of anything unnecessary as they’ll take up space and become a storage headache.

Find your roommates contact details from the dorm authorities well before moving in. Indulging in cooperative management of space with your future roommates will also build a rapport and make the process of bonding with them much easier when you start living with each other.

Long-term Packing the Smart Way

Packing needs to be done very carefully, especially if you live a long distance from the college. Students living closer to home have much more options. They can bring essential items back and forth from their home whenever needed. But if you live far away, you need to plan for the long term. If you are an international student, hiring any of the best international moving companies can be a great help.

You may want to pack clothes for different seasons as well. And since you are going to be traveling a little heavy, you should consider smart tricks to pack more stuff in smaller spaces, like rolling your clothes instead of folding them. Packing in storage containers come in handy and double up as storage spaces for daily use items once the clothes have been transferred to their permanent place.

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Make Use of Experiences College Movers and Packers


Hiring experienced movers and packers is necessary to make the whole move-in process stress-free. They are catering to the specific needs and requirements of students. Many of the best international moving companies offer services customized for students moving into colleges.

Follow the above tips and hire experienced movers and packers to prevent stress and strain before the beginning of your exciting life in college.

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