Dishes to Order atthe Best Indian Restaurant Melbourne

Being a foodie, you have walked down many restaurants in the Melbourne, which render different tasty cuisines. Are you extremely eager to try out Indian cuisine after knowing its popularity and health benefits? Do you not have any idea on what to order upon reaching the Indian restaurant Melbourne? If so, then do not worry! Simply take a look at some of the best and delectable Indian dishes, which surprise your tastebuds in every bite.

Dishes to try out in the Indian restaurant

Indian cuisine is constantly put on the foodie lists throughout the world because of its rich taste, texture, and flavor. With the variety of regions and flavors, Indian food is extremely diverse and delicious as well. If you are a newbie to Indian food, then enjoy eating these dishes in the best Indian restaurant Melbourne.

  • Rogan Josh

One of the staple foods of Kashmiri cuisine is Rogan Josh, which is also a main dish of the Kashmiri multi-course meal. This dish comprises of braised lamb chunks well cooked with the thick gravy based on shallots, tomato, ginger, yogurt, and aromatic spices such as cinnamon, bay leaves, and cloves. Use of dried Kashmiri chillies gives the brilliant red color to this dish, which makes you drool. If you are a lover of lamb, then you must try this dish when visiting the Indian restaurant.

  • Somosas

The best starter to try out when reaching the Indian restaurant in Melbourne is samosas. It is a baked or fried pyramid-shaped pastry along with the savory and delicious filling. Vegetarian samosas stuffed with onions, sliced potatoes, peas, and lentils. Meat samosas stuffed with the spiced lamb mince, which melt your heat with every bite dipped with the special sauce. It is common street food, which many tourists love to eat as a midday snack.

  • Malai Kofta

If you are a vegan lover, then Indian cuisine also has some special dishes to meet your cravings. One of such popular and tasty dish is malai kofta. It is actually cooked in the creamy and thick gravy, which made of cashew nuts and tomatoes. You can combine this heavenly dish with the nice to treat your tastebuds. Taste of this creamy based dish will stay longer in your mouth and gives you a nice Indian dining experience.

  • Chicken Korma

Chicken korma is one of the most popular Indian dishes, which everyone craves to eat it. It is a creamy chicken dish contains marinated cubes of the chicken, which cooked in the creamy sauce with spices and nuts. The sauce is slightly nutty and sweet, which gives a new taste to your mouth that you have ever found before. You can eat this korma with pieces of naan.

So, next time you visit a Indian restaurant in Melbourne you very much know what you should order.


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