Different Types and Processes Followed by Funeral or Burial Services

Most people do not have a clarity about the burial services and do not consider the factors related to it. It is important to decide whether to bury the deceased loved one or to select burial during the funeral pre-planning. The most significant thing to choose and decide is select a cemetery and the specific burial site within the same grounds. For this you will also need to select the casket and probably a burial vault as well according to the requirement of the cemeteries of modern times.

For the later stage, you will also need to consider selecting the plaque, headstone or marker and the inscriptions that you want to write on it as well. Most burial grounds have ready to help assistants in such matters.

Reasons for A Burial Service

The reasons for having proper and well-crafted burial services are for the inherent benefits of it. The top three reasons for families to choose a graveside service are:

  • It provides simplicity
  • It offers a natural setting
  • For the religious requirements
  • The importance of paying respect and witnessing

It is believed by most people and religious orders that death is simply the end of the bodily existence as the soul is the primary element to care for. Therefore, a proper burial is just allowing the soul to be still present while the body is put to rest and what better way in can be to do so in the most naturalistic way, probably under a tree in the cemetery.

Choosing the Cemetery Types

There are different types of cemeteries you can choose from for proper burial services. It all depends on your affordability and budget as there are different types of cemeteries that have different pricing policy, fee structure and other incidental charges. You can choose the monumental cemetery or the lawn cemetery. Apart from that you can also choose a mausoleum or a columbarium for that matter as well if you do not want to opt for the traditional natural cemeteries. However, each will have its own significant benefits and features which when known by you will make it easier to make a proper choice.

Monumental and Lawn Cemetery  

A monumental cemetery is the traditional cemetery style where the headstones are usually made of marble or granite. These rise vertically like a monument above the ground and there is a plethora of designs for such headstones that ranges from the most ordinary ones to large and complex ones. A lawn cemetery on the other hand is where each of the graves is marked with a small plaque to commemorate the deceased. This plaque is placed horizontally at the ground level and at the head of the grave after the burial services are over.

Mausoleum and Columbarium

A mausoleum is usually an external building that stand freely and is constructed like a monument. It encloses the burial chamber or the interment space where the deceased is laid. Mostly mausoleums are a tomb and vice versa. Columbarium walls are typically reserved for the cremated remains. These places can be visited by the family member to visit and mourn though in most cases the cremated remains are usually scattered or kept at home by the families that do not want burial services. Columbarium walls are cheaper alternative to burial spots as it takes little space.

Direct Burial Features

Direct burial is simple and inexpensive as most of the formal funeral and pre-funeral events are avoided. Simple container, no visiting and viewing, or embalming is required in such burial services. Only a graveside funeral service after burial or a memorial service later may be held.

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