Different Type Of Whiskey To Try Now!

Identifying the different types and varieties of Whiskey is not just a simple game. Some people choose the old-fashioned collection, and some people ask for the handcrafted spirits. When you visit the distillery, you will find the different collections easily; however, many of the time, it becomes difficult for the new buyers to identify the types of Whiskey, which can make their purchase a bit challenging. 

But with, a basic understanding of the kinds of whiskies available in the distillery can help you get the right product in your hands. In this write-up, we have listed the different types of Whiskey. Take a look!

1. Bourbon Whiskey:

When exploring the internet or the stores to Buy Handcrafted Spirits you will definitely come across many names, and Bourbon Whiskey is one of them. It is an American Whiskey made with at least 51% corn mash. To be named Bourbon, the spirit must be produced in the United States and should be aged in new White oak barrels. 

Note: Here, the barrels cannot be re-used between batches. The barrels must be brand new, freshly charred, and unused.”

Moving on, the corn mash here gives the signature flavor to the Whiskey. It is quite sweeter than whiskeys made with grains. The corn mash provides caramelized notes of maple syrup and warm honey. When it goes through the barrels, the flavor becomes more layered with the notes of some spice and sweetness. 

Note: Bourbon can be enjoyed neat or with some water.”

2. Tennessee Whiskey:

Tennessee whiskey is a type of bourbon whiskey only, but it comes with some additional requirements that can make it different. The first thing about the Whiskey is that it should be produced in the state of Tennessee. . Another thing that is important here is that the Whiskey must be filtered through wood chips before aging. 

Just like Bourbon, Tennessee Whiskey is made with a mast that consists of at least 51% corn. It has a similar caramel-like sweetness of Bourbon but also has an additional filtering process. Here, the strong corn flavor of the Whiskey is soft and allows other flavors to shine in the Whiskey. 

3. Irish Whiskey:

 Irish Whiskey can be challenging to define because of the experimentation at play with modern distilleries. One of the easiest requirements is that Irish Whiskey must be produced in Ireland. The best quality Irish Whiskey must be made with a mash that contains malted barley and aged in wooden casks for at least 3 years. 

Note: To be labeled Irish Whiskey, the spirit must contain no additives other than water and caramel coloring.”

Moving on, Irish Whiskeys are likely to be triple distilled, lending a soft, smooth mouthfeel to the spirit that makes it easy to sip. It is also common for Irish whiskeys to be made from barley dried in a closed skin which does not give the smokey flavor. 

4. Rye Whiskey:

American rye whiskey is made with 51% rye grain mash. Just like Bourbon, it must be distilled in the US and aged in new oak barrels. To be labeled as straight American rye, the Whiskey has to be aged for around 2 years – this contains no additives. Moreover, the rye mash is used to make rye whiskey and produces a sharp, peppery bite that is quite different from Whiskey made with other grains. 

Note: Rye whiskey might produce dry and earthy flavor, but all the flavor will make your experience better and happy.”

5. Canadian Whiskey:

Canadian Whiskey must be made in Canada and aged for around 3 years in wooden barrels. The barrels can be new or used, and the mash used to make it can be with any cereal grain. In this Whiskey, Caramel color is used as the additional flavorings. 

Traditional Canadian Whisky is highly popular for its blending – whether its blending is made from different grains or blending whiskey styles from other countries. 

Note: Canadian Whiskey blends might contain traces of American Bourbon or single malt scotch. In order to achieve the perfect blend, Canadian distillers use a special technique.”

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