What is the difference between CNC cutting and laser cutting?

CNC Cutting is a computer controlled cutting machine that is encrypted on a storage space as opposed to control hand levers, panel saw, boring machines, spindle models. The control is in the integral portion. While Laser cutting is typically an industrial type used in schools, colleges, hobbyists, small business. This type melts, burns and zaps perfect shape, best finishing and are also used to cut flat sheet material, piping materials using a mixture of gases are used to cut it.

Both CNC Cutting and laser cutting are manufacturing methods used in cutting industries.

  • The laser beams are used in laser cutting while handheld machines are atomized in CNC Cutting and the path is under persistent numerical control carried out by computers with manual support.
  • CNC Cutting is less in pricing whereas the laser cutting is very expensive as the tool itself is very expensive. So, the laser is in major used in large-scale industry, whereas CNC is used in schools, colleges, hobbyists, small-scale entrepreneurs.
  • While comparing on the electricity usage laser cutting uses a lot of electricity than manually handled ones.
  • The accuracy when checked for is noticed to such an extent that the design is exactly the same when compared with the drawn one.
  • Both have three different types in them based on its usage the laser,
  1. the Co2 laser cutter,
  2. Neodymium laser cutter
  3. Neodymium yttrium- aluminium- garnet cutter.

 Co2 laser cutter used in cutting, engraving, borings

Nd is a high energy with low recurrence is required

Nd-YAG used in high power areas.


  1. CNC woodcutter
  2. CNC metal cutter
  3.  CNC stone cutter
  • Laser cutters are used for welding but CNC can be used for welding purposes.

When coming to the point as which is the best method based on working

  • Plasma- works on the principle that the gas is fired from a nozzle such that the cutting occurs as a result of an electric arc that is seen between the metal and the gas creating plasma following this time cuts the metal. These cuts at a speed of 20 m per minute.
  • Fibre Laser cutting- works on thin metal sheets at the same time it cannot cut through copper, aluminum, brass (these posses’ reflective surfaces) Co2 lasers cut through acrylics, wood, and into numerous shapes as possible. But uses for other activities like welding, engraving, drilling, in a fast, well organized, detailed and smooth edged. When dealing with accuracy laser cutting is the best, albeit plasma cutting or CNC cutting is dangerous there are no alternatives for certain things.

Final synopsis: while concerning the best among the best each one is good in one aspect

  • Electrical energy conservation is seen in plasma cutting
  • Hard cutting it is plasma cutting most commonly used
  • The rapid cutting is best for plasma cutting
  • Engravings and 3D cut its laser cutting
  • Plasma cutting uses gas alone
  • Fibber is modest but many disadvantages are noted.

Most common CNC Cutting is noted all overdue its major positives and when larger quantities are required and can produce in larger quantities with fine details Laser Cutting taken into consideration. These Laser Cutting services are available in many countries at a lesser price to comfort.

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