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Deploy WordPress on AWS for Speed and Security

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WordPress is a blogging platform meant for the management of content on a website. For a better functioning, WordPress should run with speed and ensure security. AWS, Amazon Web Services, offer services for hosting the WordPress websites. To incorporate some of the new services on WordPress and get the best-updated outcomes, it is essential to enhance the performance and efficiency of the WordPress website. Also, hosting WordPress websites with AWS helps in maintaining the price along with reliability for the users.

When you choose to host wordpress on aws you would need some guidance in the form of tips and key terms. When these are correctly followed, then the best outcomes can be expected from the specific website. Amazon web services is a viable alternative for you as it provides many cloud-based services like the cloud formation. Following are some of the steps through which you can install the WordPress on AWS.

  • The first step in setting up the WordPress on AWS involves creating an Amazon Web service account. Only after creating the account you can proceed further.
  • The second step involves launching the WordPress instance. Once the account has been created then click on the top of the page at the services link and then choose the EC2 dashboard, which comes within the computed column. In the EC2 option, choose the launch instance button. Now, to launch WordPress, go to the left sidebar column and there select the AWS marketplace option. After selecting this option, search wordpress in the search bar and then finally continue with the WordPress certified by Bitnami.
  • AWS provides a range of instance types. So, the next step involves choosing the instance. Choose the one you want to use for the installation of your website on WordPress and then proceed to the next level.
  • Tap the configure instance details option and choose the auto assign public IP option and then click the launch button at the bottom of the page.
  • After this, a window will automatically open, which will instruct the selection of a key pair. Here, select and create an SSH key pair. Also save this key and now click the launch button.
  • Now the WordPress installation is complete. You simply need to login to the new WordPress. For that, you would need to first obtain the login credentials by clicking on the services at the top of the launch status page. From here, tap on the instances link.
  • From the instance page, click the actions button and choose the instance settings option and under it, select the Get System Log.
  • Here you will find your Bitnami application password. Copy it, and exit from the instance log along with copying the public IP address.
  • Finally, paste the public IP address along with the copied password and then finally login to your wordpress.

With these steps, you can easily host wordpress on aws. It will give you a fast running and secure website, which will be reliable and efficient in the eyes of the users too.

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