Healthy Everyday Juices

Delicious & Healthy Everyday Juices

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Inculcating vegetables and fruits in your diet is crucial to improve your health, fight different diseases, and strengthen the immune system. But a lot of people don’t really like to eat certain important fruits and vegetables. So, how can you reap the benefits without actually eating them? Start drinking juices!

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5 Delicious and simple juice recipes for beginners

  1. Green Goddess – This healthy vegetable juice is refreshing and tasty. Made with a combination of green ingredients like celery, apple, cucumber, and pear; this green goddess is the perfect choice for you. These leafy green vegetables and fruits fight a number of diseases. Pear and apple are natural sweeteners and add a refreshing taste to your juice. Celery and cucumber contain a lot of water and helps you extract the maximum amount of juice.
  2. Tropi-Kale – When you combine kale, pineapple, and banana; you get this healthy juice! It is an effective choice for certain diseases like cancer. Since green leafy vegetables reduce the risk of the development of several chronic and serious diseases, this juice is a great choice for everyone. Since the taste of kale is not really flavor-friendly, mixing it with banana and pineapple can certainly help your taste buds feel happy.
  3. Vitamin C Blast – Those who often find themselves being a victim to flu and cold, get this juice in your bellies! Made with the combination of lemon, apple, spinach, orange, ginger, and fresh mint; this juice has some amazing healing properties. Ginger and spinach help strengthen the immune system as well as quick recovery. Lemon and orange are rich in vitamin C that gives an amazing boost to your body whereas apple ensures that your juice is sweet and delicious.
  4. Antioxidant Blast – This juice is made with a blend of blueberry, beet, and strawberry. Antioxidants are essential for you to fight off the disease and stay healthy. Most people love how delicious those berries taste. When you use them to make your body stronger, nothing can be better than it! although beets have a pungent taste, those berries are sweet and cancel out that strong flavor. This antioxidant blast is a treat to start your day on a sweet and tangy note.
  5. Green Giant – When you combine kale and celery with ginger, lemon, apple, and cucumber; you get the green giant. The name sounds a little scary but the taste is worth trying! Green is the perfect color when it comes to diet. It makes you look great and feel confident. You can also fight that stubborn cold and flu with the green giant. It is a refreshing and hydrating choice. Every ingredient in this juice has healthy healing properties.

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