Create The Logo Of Your New Project In 3 Steps

How much time have you spent in front of your computer thinking about that perfect logo for that new project you have in hand? Many?

As you well know, a good presentation of your new project or website is essential when starting.

Your logo should be your cover letter as well as being your reference image. And that’s why you can’t put it aside because you don’t get ideas or because you can’t afford to pay someone to do it for you.

The pre-designed logos that you are going to discover today are customizable and in three simple steps you will have a beautiful logo for your website. Thanks to them you will save time that you can dedicate to other tasks.

And so that you can see everything easier, I am going to teach you how to create your own logo with a nice example, creating the logo of a photographer of family moments and children with watercolor logos. Do you want to know how easy it is?

You will receive the logos in your inbox in two different formats: in Illustrator and Photoshop, along with some simple instructions to make everything easier for you.

You will see that there are several different versions, so you can choose which of the options you like the most. Once you choose which version is the one that best suits your project, it’s time to get down to work.

Now is the time to customize the typography. In the case of the photographer’s brand, as it is focused on photographing family moments, but especially children, I have opted for a typeface that is not too serious, nor too childish.

The choice has been “Museum” as the main font, and “Questrial” as the support font. Both give us that warm, formal and close touch that our brand needs.

Now it is your turn to think about what type of typography is best for your project and what you want to convey with it. If you are a little lost because you do not know very well what fonts to combine so that your logo is perfect, I invite you to find some inspiration here, where we give you advice on the use of fonts.

Finally, the step I like the most, the choice of the perfect colors for your best logo design. For the photographer’s logo, the main color is a blue that is between the typical “baby blue” and the mint color.

As the brand is aimed at families with children, do not use too loud or serious colors. But you need a supporting color that adds a bit of formality to the brand, you should choose a neutral color, taupe, to accompany the blue.

As you can see, making a logo by yourself does not have to give you so many headaches. You will get that logo that you have dreamed of having so much in the simplest way possible.

And since you have seen how simple it is and how beautiful your new image is going to be, you only have to get yours in the online store and choose from the 26 pre-designed logos which one suits you and your project the most.

And don’t waste your time anymore!

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