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COVID-19, a Challenge for Pregnancy – What Do The Experts Say?

Pregnancy can already be a challenge for many. Find out the various ways you can get assistance, such as intrauterine insemination.
Any number of challenges can arise when a woman is trying to get pregnant. Fertility is a concern for many people, and it already presents a challenging situation when trying to get pregnant. Now, add to that a worldwide pandemic, and the tough times only increase.

During this time of uncertainty, women all over the world are unsure of what to do. If you have already begun the process of various fertility treatments, do you continue? Is this still a good time to proceed on with intrauterine insemination? Will the rest of the pregnancy bring even more challenges in this pandemic? These are all valid questions and important concerns to bring up with your doctor or fertility team.

Changes to services

When bringing up concerns to your medical team, you will likely begin to see the various changes that have been made in regard to services offered. Due to social distancing needs and various regulations surrounding health and safety during this difficult time, there are likely to be changes to the way appointments are run and how other services move forward.

A lot of the changes you will see involve the way medical staff and patients interact. There will be fewer in-person appointments. This type of appointment will only occur when necessary, for instance, when an ultrasound needs to happen, or a physical examination is required. All other appointment situations can likely be done over the phone or via video chat. Less in-person interactions will help protect patients and staff.

These changes should not have an impact on the care you receive. Your medical team will be placing your health first and foremost and will ensure you are seen in person any step along the way that it is necessary. If any of these changes concern you, it is important to bring this up with your doctor so that they can discuss your best treatment options during this time.

Access to fertility treatments

Changing up routine appointments, while challenging schedule-wise, will still ensure you are getting the treatment and time with the doctor you require. There has been a lot of concern brought up about treatments being offered. It is understandable that many hopeful parents are concerned that their treatment for a fertility concern may not go on during this pandemic. Thankfully, doctors and medical teams are working hard to get medical treatments back to normal to avoid any further delay in fertility treatments such as intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization.

You may have seen a delay in the offering of certain treatments at the beginning of this global pandemic, but likely, things are starting to begin again in your area. A lot of what happens next depends on each patient’s individual needs. Your doctor is the best person to ask about the next steps for your pregnancy journey. With COVID-19 being a somewhat unpredictable virus, people with underlying health conditions may need to rethink their fertility treatment strategies. This doesn’t necessarily mean bad news for you, and it is important to clarify any of your concerns with your doctor.

Pregnancy considerations

There are ongoing concerns for many women who have problems getting pregnant. Your medical team will support you throughout the entire pregnancy, and they will be able to help you understand any extra precautions you may need to take due to COVID-19.

Currently, for many healthy pregnant women, there should not be too much cause for concern during a normal pregnancy. However, there are important precautions that you will likely be asked to take, such as participating in social distancing and avoiding large crowds. It will likely also be important to monitor your health and any symptoms that pop-up, big or small. Your medical team will be there to advise and assist along the way.

Rest assured that you are in good hands with your medical team despite the challenges of today and ahead. Keep an open line of communication with them for help during this difficult time.

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