haar transplantation in der türkei erfahrungen

Consult Experienced Aesthetic Surgeon for Strategic Hair Transplantation

Are you losing a lot of hair and with that your confidence too? With age, stress and genetic factors, male and female pattern baldness is very common. There are a lot of people who suffer from sudden loss of hair leading to partial or complete baldness. However, instead of losing confidence it is time to get back the lost hair.

One of the best ways to get back hair permanently is by getting a transplantation done. It is a surgical method where hair follicles are cultured from a donor area and planted in the less hair or bald area. It is a permanent solution to falling hair and helps you get back the loss hair after proper physician consultation.

1) Hair Loss- A Major Problem

Falling of hair is one of the major problems amongst both male and female.  Nearly 50% of the men suffer from this problem as per survey which tends to make them lose their confidence. On making a comparison, the pattern baldness is slightly less common in women. There are many reasons for baldness and the sudden falling of the hair.

haar transplantation in der türkei erfahrungen

There are many factors associated with a sudden hair fall in men and women. Some of the most common factors are stress, age, genetic problems, infections, hair related disorders, etc. It is important to consult the right clinic to find out if you are an ideal candidate for haar transplantation or not. Transplantation can help in restoring the hair density.

2) Finding the Right Clinic for Consultation

With so many clinics promising to help you restore the previous hair quantity, you might end up getting confused. It is critical that you do your homework and consult only experienced, reputed and good consultants. The clinic for haar transplantation in der türkei erfahrungen should agree to provide a consultation free of cost to help understand the problem.

Experience and expertise is one of the major concerns when it comes to getting a hair transplantation surgery done. It must be done in a way that there is a minimum side effect and it helps in effective hair growth. It must help in improving the hairline and restore the previous hair density. This helps in boosting the lost confidence.

3) Use of right Technology for Transplantation

Do a little bit of research and consult previous customers or patients to know about the process and the surgeon. The aesthetic surgeon must be expert enough to help you get rid of the problem through right procedure. Depending on the requirement and baldness, different strategy of surgery is adopted for different individuals looking forward to gaining lost hair.

The transplantation clinic must use and adopt advanced technology so that the procedure can complete in less time. It must give natural result and each and every step must be supervised. Depending on the number of hair that needs to be transplanted, the surgery might take around 5 to 8 hours throughout the full surgery procedure.

4) Different procedures used for transplantations

There are different ways or techniques used for transplanting the hair. One of the most commonly used methods is the Follicular Unit Extraction where the donor area, mostly located on the back or hair ring is used for hair follicle extraction. The follicle extracted is then cultured and it is reused on the areas that observe hair thinning or baldness.

The advanced version is called Mega Follicular Unit extraction where a large tissue piece is removed from the area and is used for covering the baldness. It is used for covering and restoring excessive baldness. The direct hair implantation is used for individual plucking of hair from denser areas and implanting on the bald area with the help of a thin needle.

5) Benefits of Hair Transplantation

The first and foremost benefit is restoring back the hair density and covering the baldness permanently. The haar transplantation vorher nachher helps in giving best results with dense and thick hair in very less time. The advanced technologies help in recovering at a very fast pace. There are very less side effects, but slight swelling can be experienced with chances of pain.

It is one of the most effective ways to gain back the lost confidence. Always be careful about choosing the right consultants. The surgeon must be highly experienced in his work. With so many technologies, any kind of baldness can be taken care of by studying the hair loss reason and designing a strategy to restore the hair on head.

There are many clinics that help with restoring baldness and bringing back the lost hair. It is important to identify if you are an ideal candidate for transplantation by finding out the reason of hair loss. Patterned baldness is more common in men as compared to women and stress, age and genetic issues are the most common reasons for it.

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