Conference interpretation is a separate specialization of language interpretation.A conference interpreter is a professional language expert who provide interpretation services at international conferences, congresses, meeting or similar public events: conference interpreters must have the excellent ability to put themselves in the minds of the people for whom they are interpreting.

Professional conference interpretation work in various modes: consecutive, simultaneous, whispering, depending on the type of working environment.

Simultaneous: interpreting while the speaker is speaking, using equipment, such as booths, headsets, microphones.

A variation of this is whispering, or chuchotage (from French chuchoter, “whispering”), where the interpreter sits near one person or a small group and whispers the translation as the speaker carries on.

Consecutive: interpreting after the speaker has finished, usually sentence by sentence, with the help of notes.

Throughout history, people of different languages and cultures have made use of interpretation to communicate with and understand each other.

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Our services:

  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services at meetings and conferences around the world
  • Interpretation equipment (booths, headsets, microphones, audio, video, etc…)

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