Lab Grown Princess Cut Diamonds

Complete Guide To Lab Grown Princess Cut Diamonds

Having a luxury engagement ring as a token of lifelong love is the dream of many women. She dreams of walking down the aisle to the love of her life. As it is so important for her, there are many things to consider when buying an engagement ring, such as style,  jewelry preferences, and budget.

Whatever your taste or style, you can’t go wrong with classic jewelry like a princess-cut engagement ring. Although buying a princess-cut diamond may cost you a lot of money, the chance is even lower if you are looking for a color diamond. It is good that you still have the option to go with the lab grown princess cut diamond to surprise your to-be fiancee with the luxury engagement ring.

Lab grown princess cut diamonds are truly real diamonds. In fact, it offers excellent value for money and is more affordable than natural diamonds of comparable quality and size.

What is a lab-grown diamond?

A laboratory-grown diamond is made in a strictly controlled laboratory environment. It is grown using an advanced technological process that mimics the conditions in which diamonds naturally grow.

These lab-created diamonds are composed of genuine carbon atoms arranged in a characteristic diamond crystal structure. Made of the same material as natural diamond, it shares the same optical and chemical properties.

How are lab-grown diamonds made?

Lab grown princess cut diamonds are made from small carbon species in existing diamonds. Advanced techniques, extreme pressure, heat, or a special deposition process known as CVD – mimic how natural diamonds are formed.

Some lab-grown diamonds created by deposition are subjected to pressure and heat treatment after growth. Lab-grown colored diamonds are created when small amounts of certain trace elements are present during the growth stage of the created diamond, just like in nature.

White and fancy color diamonds may differ in trace element composition from their natural counterparts. It can only be distinguished from natural diamonds with special equipment that detects subtle differences in trace elements and crystal growth.

Lab-grown diamonds vs. natural diamonds

Whether lab grown cushion cut diamonds or princess cut, they share the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as natural diamonds and exhibit the same fire and brilliance. With a jewelry loupe, it is almost impossible to distinguish a lab-grown diamond from a natural diamond.

Laboratory-created diamonds may contain different trace elements than natural diamonds that do not affect the diamond’s appearance. It can only be distinguished from natural diamonds by testing with special equipment.

That is why lab grown cushion cut diamonds for sale must always come with a gemstone certificate confirming that they are lab-grown.

What are the advantages of lab-grown diamonds?

A diamond created in a lab has the same physical and chemical properties. They are grown under the same temperature and pressure conditions but without the conflict and questionable ethical practices that are common in some diamond mines.

In fact, lab-grown Princess cut diamonds are often of better quality due to the highly controlled environment and fully monitored process. Some of the biggest advantages of a lab-created diamond include:

  • More beautiful due to higher purity, brighter and better quality.
  • Fewer defects
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Greater affordability
  • Color diamonds that are hard to find in nature can be created, making it more obtainable
  • Trackable origin sources allow you to source diamonds from reputable places that don`t engage in poor treatment of workers or communities
  • Lab-created diamonds are grown through a sustainable process using chemical vapor deposition, making it easier to keep up with demand without sacrificing quality or engaging in harmful processes or conflicts.

How are lab-grown diamonds certified and graded?

All lab-grown diamonds are certified in the same way as mined diamonds. Once completed, it is sent to an independent gemstone lab for expert certification. The grading process for lab-grown diamonds is the same as for traditional diamonds, focusing on each gemstone’s cut, clarity, carat, and color.

Cut determines the brilliance of a diamond and is perhaps the most important factor. Clarity refers to the absence of visible cracks or defects. In highly transparent diamonds, the colorless diamond has a higher grade. Finally, carat is a measure of diamond size and weight. Each diamond is carefully inspected and provided with a quality rating.

Bottom Line

Diamond set jewelry makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one. Diamonds are extremely versatile and can be worn as everyday jewelry or for special occasions. Choosing a lab-grown diamond means investing in an ethical, eco-friendly, high-quality, and stunning piece.

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