A Complete Guide to Aptitude tests

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These are taken to check the ability of a person for a specific job. This test will check how nicely a candidate can work on a given task. This will also check the behaviour patterns of that person. There you will find various kinds of such tests and all of them have a very good system. The results of all the appearing candidates will be checked and compared. The tests will be equal for all the candidates and no favour will be done for any of the candidates. The results will be based only on the answers given and no prior knowledge will be taken into consideration.

How the aptitude tests are taken

These tests can be taken as paper test that is manual. But if you want to save your time and money then online tests are always better. The candidates can give the tests from their place and results will be out at the same time. The candidates are first required to submit an online application. Then they can give the tests. These tests are the best for those hiring officials who want to do the shortlisting for their recruitment process. This is a time and money saver method. They can select the most suitable and perfect candidates.

When the tests are taken

The tests are taken either before or after the interview. This is an addition to the interview. You can also take the test at the time of a face to face interview in order to save your time. The tests will also tell you how a candidate will react to a particular job situation.

Types of aptitude tests

There are various sorts of this aptitude test.  The hiring people can select a type that they want. It can be chosen as per the job needs.

Numerical reasoning tests-

The test will check how good a person is at maths. The test will include some charts and statistics.

Verbal reasoning tests-

In these types of aptitude test

This will check the verbal reasoning ability of acandidate. You can see how well a person can grasp any matter.

Diagrammatic tests-

The tests will include a few diagrams as well as charts. This will test the logical reasoning capacity of candidate.

Situational judgement tests-

These tests will assess the psychological angle of a candidate. One can see how well a person can solve problems in daily routine.

Inductive reasoning tests-

This will check the logical reasoning capacity of a candidate.

Cognitive ability tests-

This will see the cognitive ability of a candidate. You can see the intelligence level of a candidate.

Mechanical reasoning tests-

These are such types of tests those are taken if the job is engineering or mechanical.

Watson Glaser tests-

These tests are taken to see the capacity of a candidate to handle the issues and arguments. These are taken if the job role is at a legal firm or in a company where a law department is there.

Abstract reasoning tests-

This is the test in which you can see how well a person is at reasoning and how logically he can give reasons.

The advantages of the aptitude tests

The tests will help you to save your money as we as time. This will help you to test a candidate and your interview time is saved. There are some aspects that you can understand with this test and not by an interview. This test will also check the interpersonal skills of a candidate. The main advantage of the test is that you can get the perfect candidate and he will not leave the job. You will not have to call for an interview again and again. The test results will be the most accurate and you can depend on them for your recruitment process.

Get the picture-perfect candidate with these aptitude tests

The tests are perfect almost and they will be helping hands for your recruitment process. You can test how well a person work and co-ordinate while working in a team. It can also help to assess what stage of job satisfaction a candidate can get from you. It can also tell you how well a candidate can work under a task.

Group border

This is an important segment where thee tests can work well. The tests will help you to see the nature and behaviour of a candidate. This will be helpful if a team work is involved. These tests are normally taken by sports companies to see the team spirit and team ability of a candidate. From this tests one see the inbuilt capacity of the person applying for a job. If you get the best suitable candidate then the team work will be a great success.


The test will help to see the personality of a candidate. This will help you to have a self-exam and see how well you can go with others in a team. This will also help you to see how your nature will adjust to that of others. This will help you to go well with the candidates and your team work will be truly the best one. The tests will truly make your recruitment process a simple one. Just take the test and your recruitment will be done. You can get the results in no time with the tests. Just take the tests and know your teammates and employees very well. This is all what you need.


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