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Clean and Disinfect your house for more safety

Pests and microbes invade our homes secretly in no time. These invisible creatures pose a serious threat to our life and property without us knowing. So, what’s the solution? How to deal with this army of invisible? The best solution is to go for rigorous cleaning and disinfecting. Whether you want to take the responsibility yourself or seek the services of the Best home cleaning companies in Dubai, the choice is yours. But one thing is certain you have to get rid of all the germs and microorganisms that thrive in our homes.

Know the Danger

If you are home is not properly cleaned and disinfected, you are more likely to face issues like pest infestation, growth of germs, etc. The growth and spread of germs and pests can lead to life-threatening diseases such as diarrhea, malaria, typhoid, COVID-19, and so on. So, this is of utmost importance to clean and disinfect your homes regularly. The need for cleanliness and disinfection become more apparent during the global COVID-19 pandemic. To make sure that you and your loved ones stay safe from catching the virus, cleanliness and disinfection became an important concern. The global pandemic has taught us that even following basic personal hygiene can save us from the effects of the lethal pandemic. Habits like washing hands often, avoiding touching surfaces that have the possible presence of germs, wearing masks to avoid inhaling the virus and germs, cleaning yourself properly, and so on, can prove to be fruitful in the battle against COVID-19.

Cleaning before Disinfection

Before you start spraying the disinfectants on the surfaces, make sure to clean the house properly. Sometimes even simple and regular cleaning can lead us a long way against pest infestation and the spread of diseases. So, what’s meant by cleaning? Remove all the dust and waste from the house and clean all the surfaces using a clean washcloth soaked in soapy water. Make sure to use the right type of cleaning solution according to the material of the surface. Take out all the trash and dump it in a safe allocated place away from the house. Now that your house is cleaned of all the waste material and dust, use a mop to thoroughly clean the floor to take out the stains. Now, look around to find the sneaky points where the pests make their way into the house. Block all the entry points to stop the entry of pests like rodents, cockroaches, flies, etc.

Disinfect the house

Now that you are done with the cleaning job, the next step is disinfection of the house. Use antibacterial sprays or wipes to clean all the surfaces, door knobs, table surfaces, kitchen counters, railings, Lighting switches, remotes, toilets, etc. You can just clean anything and everything but just make sure to use the right type of solution for every material and surface. For instance, many people recommend using bleach to kill germs which is undoubtedly a very good suggestion to kill the tiny enemies however harmful to various surfaces due to its whitening properties. So, make sure to use safe products that cause no damage to the surfaces.

Post-Cleaning Ritual

Once you are done with the hectic cleaning and disinfecting job, what you do next is important. What you should be doing is open the windows for a while to let the air pass. After applying a generous amount of chemicals to disinfect the house, make sure that the elderly, children, and pets in your house are safe from the side effects. If you have used toxic sprays, avoid dining with your little ones in those areas. Leave the solution on the surface for a while and open up the windows after a while to make the air breathable. Throw away all the clothes, brushes, etc. you have used for the disinfecting procedure in the disposal bag. If they are good to be reused then wash them thoroughly to rinse the toxicities. All in all, whether you are doing it yourself or enjoying the services of the Best cleaning companies in the UAE, make sure your house is safe for its actual inhabitants.

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