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These Cities Have The Best Fall Activities

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The Fall is considered as the best season by many. The little chill in the air, the colourful leaves, fresh air all together makes it one of the most beautiful times of the year. But Fall is not only about nature and its beauty but it is also the time for celebrations. All around the world, people celebrate the season with colourful festivals, great food and social gatherings. Some of these festivals are even centuries old. Excited already to know more? And if you are planning to upgrade your wardrobe in preparation for any of these festivals, do check out these amazing Zappos coupons for some sensational deals and discounts. Let’s check out some of the best places around the world for a fall fiesta.

Munich, Bavaria, Germany ( Oktoberfest )

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival that dates back to 1810. It is a huge celebration that is held annually in Munich and goes on for 16 to 18 days during the months of September and October. Beer is certainly the main focus of the festivity and a huge amount of local Bavarian beers are served to visitors from around the world. Apart from numerous beer tents, there are hundreds of side stalls, games and rides to keep you entertained. It is also the best place to check out some local delicacies and traditional German dishes. And on the first Sunday during the festival, thousands of Bavarians dress in their traditional costume and march to the festival grounds to create one of the largest parades in the world of its kind.

Albuquerque, NM, USA ( International Balloon Fiesta )

Balloons are the something that almost everyone loves. And if you head to the city of Albuquerque at the beginning of October you can see hundreds of them dotting the desert sky. This festival runs for nine days and it is dubbed as the largest balloon festival in the world. As per the official records, as many as 567 regular shaped balloons and 96 special shaped balloons registered for this year’s event. And what makes this event so successful is the natural phenomenon called the ‘Albuquerque Box’ which is basically a very predictable wind flow pattern that makes it really easy to operate these giants balloons.

Portland, ME, USA ( Harvest On The Harbour )

Portland is known for its unique coastal culture and great restaurants which serve some of the very best seafood in the whole country. And if you want all of that under one roof then you must visit the annual ‘Harvest on the Harbour’ festival held here in the month of October. From juicy oysters to crunchy lobsters, you will find everything here. Apart from traditional dishes, a number of new culinary innovations are also exhibited here. And after an amazing lunch/dinner you can relax on the scenic beaches of Portland which are just minutes away from the festival.

Atlanta, GA, USA ( National Pumpkin Destruction Day )

If you want a fun filled day for you and everyone in your family, head to Atlanta in next fall. Every year on November 3, the Rock Ranch which is a few hours drive from Atlanta celebrates national pumpkin destruction day which is basically a festival where you can see pumpkins being smashed in every imaginable way. Starting from a 40 feet pumpkin drop to riding a monster truck over a stack of pumpkin, nothing is out of bounds here. For you kids, there are zip lines, tree houses and huge corn mazes which will surely make it a day to remember for them.

Chicago, IL, USA ( Bird Watching )

Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the whole country but surprisingly it is also a bird watcher’s paradise. A number of parks tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main city houses a number of the migrant as well as local birds. And during the fall, the autumn colours are reflected on the tree leaves and most birds transform into boxes of colour as it is their mating season. The combination of these two makes it the perfect season to go bird watching in Chicago. Montrose Point bird sanctuary is the most popular location among the locals and visitors alike but if you prefer peace and tranquillity, head for the McCormick Bird Sanctuary located inside the Burnham Park.

Yosemite, CA, USA ( Hiking through Yosemite National Park )

The Yosemite National park is one of the most beautiful places in the United States. The scenic green meadows, iconic landscapes such as El Capitan and gushing waterfalls draw a huge crowd to this great wilderness. But during the fall, the crowd shrinks to almost the point of no existence giving you the opportunity to explore these amazing locations all by yourself. Yes, it is true that the meadows are not that green and most waterfalls dry out by that time but still, the Yosemite valley looks absolutely stunning. Take the Glacier point hike via the Four-mile trail and you will get some of the most famous locations of the park such as the Half Dome, Tenaya Canyon and more. And the best thing is that there won’t be a maddening crowd with you in any of the vantage points. So, you can easily enjoy the views wherever you want for as long as you want.


Fall is the season of celebrations, the season of outdoor adventures and many more. And this is exactly the reason why almost every country in the world celebrates the season with festivals and activities that are of cultural, spiritual and religious importance. In the above list we have managed to cover only a few of the most prominent ones but if you look close and hard, I bet you can easily find a fun activity near you no matter in which part of the world you live in. So, do not just let the next fall pass by. Plan ahead and take part in one of these amazing activities.

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