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Choosing A Suitable Surface For Your Swimming Pool

Building a pool is all about planning and selecting things carefully, keeping everyone’s taste and budget in mind. There are so many things to be considered. One of the biggest things to choose while planning a swimming pool is picking a suitable interior surface. It might look easy but it is actually not. In this blog, you will get to read about all the options available in detail so that you can choose one that fits the bill.

Why Is It Important?

A pool’s surface is among the essential parts of it that deserves attention right from the beginning. It is important to be sure about the surface you want when you discuss a design with a swimming pool construction company Dubai. Different surfaces are made using different materials and look and feel different. Choosing one will determine how your pool is going to look like and feel under your feet. Thankfully, the market is flooded with options.

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What Are The Options?

There are many options available but not all of them are equally popular. There are many things to be considered such as cost, surface finish, appearance, and more. Not all the surfaces look attractive or fit in everyone’s budget. So, here are the most preferred options that are easily available at all the reputed swimming pool and landscaping companies in Dubai:

Pebble Surface

This finish is becoming rapidly popular and has been in demand since long because of its unique appearance and durability. Pebble surface is easy to maintain and lasts for longer which makes it a preferred option.

The surface is constructed using polished pebbles and cement which is mixed together and spread over the base structure. Once it is dry, the top layer is cleaned and wiped using water to uncover the stones and bring out the real beauty. It takes hard work to do so but once it’s done, you get to realize its worth.

The best part of this surface is the durability and protection against algae it offers. The pool is not going to absorb any chemicals used to treat water, and there is no scope of algae growth. If you love nature and are planning a tropical pool, reaching a swimming pool construction company Dubai for pebble finish is the best option because of its natural appearance.

If we talk about the color options, there is a wide variety available. You can choose a color that looks bright and modern, or go with one that looks fresh and summery; it is up to you. If you can’t choose one, you can contact swimming pool contractors in Dubai and ask for suggestions. They will let you pick a color according to your taste and ongoing trend.

All-Tile Finish

Tiles come in different shapes and colors, and different materials too; that include:

  1. Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles

These tiles are available in different patterns, colors and textures. You can reach swimming pool companies in Dubai and pick a texture that matches your pool design and surroundings.

  1. Glass Tiles

These tiles are made using recycled glass, and are extremely durable. They are nonporous and can be used to cover curved surfaces. They look and feel artistic and add vibrant vibes to the pool.

  1. Stone Tiles

If you are looking for a classic look, you should go with stone tiles. They look textured and come in different varieties.


Another option is plaster finish that is popular because of its cost-effectiveness and plenty of color options. The most preferred color is white as it doesn’t restrict your pool’s appearance to one shade.

These surfaces may seem to be cheap but they require good maintenance in the future, thereby increasing your chances of reaching a swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai. The surface can be affected by chemicals and discolor. It also requires repainting more often. So, if you are looking for a durable option that requires less maintenance, you can happily skip this one.

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