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How to Choose your Yoga Style

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In this era of fast life, matched and driven by technology, mental peace and an easy life are  something that is hardly available to anyone. Therefore, to have some balance, one must practice yoga on a regular basis. There are also many aspects of this traditional method of mental and physical well-being which one needs to learn well. Once the primary aspects of the same are practiced, one can go for further practice where he needs to choose his yoga style from available several styles. One can learn this well while practicing yoga in Rishikesh. Here one can choose a style as per the guidelines offered by the masters or instructors and based on one’s own research.

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There are many myths prevailing about this ancient system of refreshing mind and toning body. As per many people, yoga is all about doing various asanas and pranayama. Well, that is half-truth as no doubt pranayama and asanas are an important part of yoga as a practice, but there are many more things that one needs to learn. With the help of these other aspects of yoga, only one can select a specific style. The Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga has its benefits and limitations that one needs to understand well before going for any of these styles. Usually, this practice does not have any side effects, but in some cases, one has to be alert as overpowering the same can cause damage to the body and mind also.

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One needs to know different types of yoga styles first and then decide which one will be the best suit for him.

  • Hatha: It is a base style of yoga where one can combine the poses with breathing and meditation. It is a style from which almost all the styles have emerged. It is considered as a slow-paced style but with amazing results over a period. There are number of reputed hatha yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, one can command this yoga.
  • Vinyasa: For those who want quick results of yoga poses, this is the right style for them. It is also known as flow yoga where the movements in the body move fast like a dancing flow.
  • Bikram: It is the popular style for those where students practice yoga in a heated room. It has poses with huge stretching which leads to flexible body in a short span.
  • Yin: For those who need the body to be flexible, this is a perfect style. It has got poses which can be held from a few seconds to a few minutes to make the yoga effective on the body.
  • Iyengar:  It is a style derived from hatha yoga only but with props. One can learn this style at starting as it helps one to know the poses in depth.
  • Ashtanga: In this style, the poses change rapidly, and the practitioner also needs to focus on breathing. There are various programs for practicing ashtanga yoga in Rishikesh, where students can practice and learn in depth.

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