Choose the Best Animation Technique for Video

Animation is one of the ever-evolving branding assets. Years back, it was used purely for entertainment purpose. However, due to its growing effectiveness, it paved its way into the digital marketing world. Now it is used to boost the brand recognition of the businesses ranging from small to big scale irrespective of the industry. The field of motion graphics is full of many different styles. You can deliver a single idea in a variety of animated forms. If you want to learn about the prominent categories pop into the list summarized below:

Different Kinds of Animation

Each of the animation types has its own pros and cons. They are used to serve a wide range of individual purposes. If you want to showcase a product’s mechanism a 3D animated video is preferred likewise a service can be demonstrated using a 2D Video Cubix.

Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation is one of the oldest styles of animation. It involves trickiest techniques and methods to produce motion in an appealing manner. The stop-motion animation is time-consuming which is its biggest drawback. It can be combined with 2D and 3D animation to deliver fascinating depiction of the idea. To make a stop-motion animation, you have to be ultra-conscious. Slight errors in timing and creation can ruin the entire video production.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is extensively used as a great source of explainer videos. It elaborates a message most precisely and briefly. The two bold colors black and white diverts the complete attention of the viewer to the point that is being delivered. It shows the lowest distraction rates. It has been more than a decade that whiteboard animation has been a part of branding in the field of Video Cubix. It is one of the oldest techniques to deliver the brand’s message through a video. The whiteboard animation becomes even more appealing by adding a fresh voice over. It beautifully unfolds the story and guides the viewer efficiently.

2D Animation

2D animation if compared with 3D animation is the simplest technique to produce a captivating video. With 2D animation, you can present a plot adding enchanting characters and creative flair to enhance the productivity of the message. It is one of the most popular styles and it adds more realities feel into the story. The characters are created in a 2D frame and the biggest advantage of this category is that you do not have to divide the story in different frames.

As the entire story unfolds keeping a fixed camera angle, therefore, the video is creating a limited number of frames. 2D animation shows versatile styles. It offers classic to contemporary and heartwarming, innovative animations as well. It provides the broad range of styles to picture the idea expertly. 2D animation assists marketers in creating a bond with the viewers.

3D Animation

3D animation is one of the widely used and recommends a form of animation. It gives a plot or an idea the most realistic depiction. It helps to add real life reverences into the character. The animator seeks inspiration from the surroundings and creates animation close to realism. The expressions and postures along with every single gesture govern in accordance with the principles of science and physics. The animators can unleash exaggeration while balancing the principles of science.

This form of Animation is used to showcase detailing of a product. If you want to show the mechanism of the product, you can use the 3D animation to properly demonstrate the working of the product. 3D animation has vast scope in branding. When it comes to integrating AI or augmented reality versions, hire video animator have to strive hard to produce animation with utmost realistic touches. Each frame is carefully created and timed in to present the motion efficiently.

Wrapping Up

No matter which animation form you have used you have to make sure that the script is amazing and appealing. It should have proper characterization and targeted to the customer’s needs. You need to pay extra attention to enhancing the details of your characters and elements. You can use professional tools and software as well to deliver the finest quality.

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