Chief Learning Officer – A Brand New Addition to the C-suite

The C-suite has a new member in its league called the Chief Learning Officer in order to support eLearning to today’s highly competitive environment. The role of a CLO is not really new to the corporate world. As in earlier times, there were roles very similar to this one but were addressed with different names such as the director of training and so on.

However, many organizations realized the importance of lifelong learning for their employees and felt the need of a person who could take the responsibility of each & every activity related to the learning & development of the company’s staff. And this is how the position of a Chief Learning Officer was infused into the C-Suite with an enlarged skills set, an expanded scope for responsibilities & leadership role.

Chief Learning Officer Responsibilities

It is essential for a CLO to be a team player and embrace collaboration. With the knowledge of eLearning & all its different formats, a Chief Learning Officer builds potent strategies for establishing the corporate learning direction of the organization.

Chief learning officer badge

Chief learning officer

They are not alone in the endeavor of distributing knowledge to learners as they combine their efforts with those of a Chief Information Officer as well as a Chief Technology Officer in order to effectively disseminate information by taking assistance from human resources professionals, technology along with social media. And the primary challenge faced by a CLO during this process is to make everything fall under the given budget.

History of the Chief Learning Officer

The first person to be given the title of a Chief Learning Officer in the years 1990 was Steve Kerr. He was given the responsibility of carrying out learning & development activities for GE. As per a USC interview, Kerr thought that he would get the position of a Chief Education Officer (CEO), however, the company’s actual CEO, Welch believed that it was a bad idea to do so.

So, it was Welch who named Kerr’s position as the Chief Learning Officer & the job description was built by Kerr himself on the spot.

It has been twenty-five years since this happened & now this role has become a critical part of every organization.

A chief Learning Officer’s Salary

You cannot really put an exact number as to how much a CLO gets paid as it depends on a number of factors such as the size of the firm, its location & also how wide the job description is. A Chief Learning Officer is required to handle everything related to education in his or her company. From training to onboarding to leadership succession, a CLO manages it all. And this should reflect in their salary.

As per the data on, the salary of a CLO is around $77K annually, however, this is not fixed as the salary keeps going higher in proportion to the job responsibilities. Moreover, CLOs working in locations like New York & San Francisco gets paid way more than their counterparts in other cities.


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