Checking The Quality Of Bulk Orders Made Easy With CenturyPromise

CenturyPromise is a new venture initiated by Centuryply. It is a mobile application that will complement the various products under the Century industries.

Why would you need to download an additional application for simple plywood?

This is a good question. You are only buying Plyboards for your furniture. How does an application come into all of this? It does. This application is not for the benefit or convenience of the company. This application is there to make sure that you are not getting cheated when you buy Plyboards from Centuryply.

At no point in time has there ever been a shortage of cheaters and scammers. Their numbers have been increasing over the years, and they seem to be getting smarter and smarter. The forged products or services that they produce are almost identical to the original, but everyone knows that they can never compare to the real ones. No matter how similar it may look, the original one is always better in quality.

Such types of trickery can even be seen in the plywood and laminates business. There are scammers all around who are busy trying to cheat people of their hard-earned money. It is a known fact that no matter what they do, they cannot replicate the quality that is produced by Century. So they are forced to produce cheap imitations of the original product.

The imitations which innocent customers are not aware of. They buy these Plyboards from suppliers while looking at the ‘CenturyPly mark’ and believing that they are paying for the original product. The imitations replicate the look completely, but not the features. So you will probably not be able to realize that you are using fake Plyboards until there is some emergency or incident where the real nature of it shows itself. And there is no way to check plywood quality.

Suppose you wanted a fire retardant plywood. The only way you can even realize that you have been duped is in case there is a fire. A fire breaks out, and you try to escape with the idea that the expensive plywood you had invested in will do its job. They will try to keep the fire from spreading too fast. But it is too late by the time you realize that the plywood is not doing what it is supposed to do.

Fearing that you had received faulty products, you go to complain, but then you receive another great surprise. The product was never manufactured at the factory of Century. The supplier had cheated you. Whether that was intentional, or maybe he was also unaware of it. You do not know how it happened. What you do know is that you have been scammed, and you have to return to a home that could have been less damaged if you had known better.

Century wants you to know better. Therefore they have come up with this system where you can check the authenticity of the plywood or laminate that you are buying.

Plyboards from the warehouse of Century come with a unique QR code on them. Each product has them on it. Now you can download the CenturyPromise app on your mobile or tablet. You can scan the QR code on the app to get the report on the product. The app will tell you if the sheet that you have in your possession is authentic or not.

The app is free to download for anyone who wants to use it. Consumers, suppliers, retailers, or contractors. All they have to do is download it and register themselves. They can start verifying their products after that. Other than verification, you can also download your e-certificates for the Plyboards directly on the app itself.

The Bottom Line

All these methods are to ensure that you have a safe and authentic experience with Centuryply. With bulk orders, you need to be able to verify the products before using them.

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