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Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CATS)- A Case Study

Terrorism goes beyond the confusion of explosives and weapons, which are simply instruments that extremists use to carry out their acts of violence and destruction. Technology over the past few decades has become an increasingly integral aspect of the workplace. Using this as an advantage, terrorists have used this space to outplay their sinister ideologies through scams, impersonation, leaking data, ransomware, etc. These examples form only the tip of a gigantic iceberg of an organized form of terrorism called Cyber-Terrorism.

The intersection of cyberspace and terrorism is cyberterrorism. This applies to illegal attacks and threats of attacks on computers, networks, and data stored therein to threaten or force a government or its citizens to promote political or social goals. Businesses are the main victims of cyber-terrorism because of their rich dependence on internet space. A successful cyber attack will cause an organization to suffer significant harm. It can impact the bottom line, as well as the standing and customer confidence of a brand. It is possible to narrowly divide the effect of a security breach into three categories: financial, reputational, and legal. Therefore, awareness and mitigation of the networks and their relevant components are the core essence of embodying a sense of security from these threats.

What is CATS

The best way to achieve the objective is to train workers annually and use a system to work towards key goals to achieve a quality that guarantees that the possibility of a data breach is minimal. And this is where Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CATS) comes in. The central emphasis is on the strategies in which IEDs(Improvised Explosive Devices) are used against a target through mediums like penetration tests, determining target intensity and weakness, and the attack phases. With discussions and table-top activities adapted to prevailing IED and terrorism-related situations, theoretical lessons are improved. These specialists provide an understanding and execution of effective mitigation steps and casualty management for security from various attacks through initial review prior to the arrival of the follow-on assistance.


In order to become one, an applicant must have Corporate Security Certifications. The works of the officers’ are to develop a comprehensive security management framework through the utilization of analytical data and predictive trends related to global risk and physical security technology, planning a Security Budget that demonstrates both qualifying and quantifying security returns on investment and applying the fundamental concepts of Business Continuity Management through emergency planning and crisis management.

In order to be certified as CATS, one has to undertake a Security Management Course on crime prevention in organizations and businesses. The Course offers a comprehensive interpretation of the concepts of terrorism that encapsulate the strategies and steps to completely stop or mitigate this anomaly. It is taught at an unclassified level encompassing subjects in context to fraternities from both the Commercial and Law Enforcement sectors and always engages two trainers, which sets this apart from the rest.

All companies, irrespective of their turnover, size, need to ensure that everyone involved with the business is up to date with the up and coming cybersecurity threats and the best data protection methods. Lastly, Having CATS is inevitable to bring the maximum benefits to a business or organization.

Course Inclusions

The course deals with the old as well as the new cyber threats and emphasis is laid to early detection and identification. The course trains you to identify the vulnerabilities in your systems as well which can be manipulated to breach your security firewalls. The course further teaches you the respective laws and how to use them as per your need. The course at times also deals with an aspect of offline security and its management.

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