Celebrate party with different 7 Christmas Treats

The festival of green trees covered with lights, of family time and gifts, of Santa clause and reindeers, and of course, the sound of bells, and undoubtedly, those sweets and cakes which give you guilty pleasures. Yes, we are talking about Christmas!

Along with Christmas, comes hope, happiness, joy and ecstasy. The holiday honouring the birth of Jesus Christ, the festival is celebrated all over the world with full enthusiasm. Adulting did hit us when we stopped putting socks under our pillows on Christmas eves. The tradition of eating cakes on Christmas is the favourite part of many This was started when the romans served a cake that was made up of pine nuts, pomegranate seeds, raisins, and honeyed wine. If you want to order a lovely cake for your lovely person then CakenGifts.in, an online cake delivery in Pune, is just the place your were looking for.The cakes currently baked include the same ingredients. Different countries, different recipes, different tastes, the same cake. You can order any type of cake varying in shapes, sizes, flavours and decorations according to your wish and give treat to your loved ones.

Take a look at some of the brilliant cakes around the world.

  1. Makowiec

The makowiec cake made in Poland is made of a paste of poppy seeds and is usually made in the form of rolls, when it can also be served flat. As complicated the name is, as complicated and time- consuming the recipe is. It takes 2-3 hours to bake it with the core ingredient, poppy seeds.

  1. Allahabadi cake

Allahabadi cake, the traditional Indian cake, originates from Allahabad and is made with rum along with other dry ingredients with ginger and fennel as other main ingredients. It is due to the Christmas celebrations that this cake was first baked by the Christians in India. In India, this is the most popular Christmas cake.

  1. Fruit cake

Taking inspiration from the romans, the people of United Kingdom baked this cake on Christmas. It has that fruity flavour, and some dried fruits and is served with syrups like Maple syrup. This is the cake well-known to the world. If any other cake isn’t available, then this is the go to one. There, the cake is baked two months before Christmas, so that it could be soaked in brandy. Order it cake delivery in Delhi and get delivered it on your doorstep. Same-day or midnight deliveries all are available.

  1. Christstollen

Also called, Stollen, this cake from Germany is a heavy, sweet yeast bread was first baked by a German baker and in the 13th century and for this, the entire Germany literally owes him. Earlier, stolen was made with flour, oats, and watered. And this was undoubtedly a healthy option. The cake has fruity and nutty flavours and its texture feels like that of bread. It’s soft, and moist.

  1. Rum cake

The Jamaican Rum cake is a conventional one and is baked on other celebrations too, like weddings. The cake is glazed with a mixture of butter, sugar, water, and white rum. The flavours are added with ingredients like prunes, raisins, and cinnamon.

  1. Bolo Rei

This recipe was originally from France, which came to Portugal in the 13th century and the cake is known as the Portuguese cake. The cake is shaped round, with a hole in it, to resemble the shape of a crown. The cake is topped with crystallized fruits, dry fruits, and sugar syrup.

  1. Pandoro

Pandoro is a sweet Italian yeast bread, baked on Christmas. It is shape like a frustum, with an eight pointed star section and is a sweet, light and soft bread. It is glazed with some icing sugar. A layer of cream gives this vanilla cake a splendid texture.

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