Carnations, the beautiful January flower

Carnations, the beautiful January flower

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Flowers are literally the sweetest thing and one of the most beautiful living things created by Mother Nature. They are refreshing, lovely, attractive and give out a dose of fresh breath. Certainly, the best thing around. However, every month is associated with certain specific flowers and it is amazing how we often link the characteristics of months with flowers. The month of January is similarly associated with carnations. Subtle, soothing and beautiful. Winter vibes flowing in calm. Make an online flower delivery in Bangalore and make someone feel special, especially someone who is born in the month of January. This month calls for sending flowers to someone, carnations, to be precise and make someone really excited.

Carnation is considered to be the flower of the people who are born in the month of January. The flower is certainly the most charming of all flowers. The soft colours and the ruffled petals makes the flower one of the most beautiful creations of mother nature. They have a very sweet smell of that of clove and are known for their long-lasting nature. The beauty of the flower is the most reflected in its tones. Buy a bouquet online and show your gesture of love beautifully.

The flower has been around finally a really long time, as long as ancient Rome. During the time, the flower was used for decor and art purposes. The scientific name of the flower is Dianthus caryphyllus. The name itself means “flower of the gods” in Greek. It is believed that the term ‘carnation’ is derived from the term ‘coronation’. Certainly the beauty of the flower is justified by its name. Since then that flower has become really popular and retains its popularity till this day.

The word goes as the first carnation bloomed when mother Mary’s tears hit the earth when she sobbed for Jesus while he carried the cross. Since then the pink carnation has become a symbol of motherly love. In a painting by Leonardo da Vinci, it shows how Mother Mary cries by a pink carnation. This flower has since then been associated with admiration, deep love, affection, purity and gratitude. It is no surprise that the flower has been greatly embraced as a Mother’s Day flower.

Due to the charm of the flower, the carnation flower also symbolises fascination, love, and appreciation. The carnation is also available in a variety of colors, symbolizing different meanings. The light red ones symbolize admiration. The dark red ones are associated with affection and deep love. The white carnations are associated with sanctity and luck. The pink carnations symbolize gratitude and motherly love.

Carnations are a very versatile flower. The Greeks and Romans have used white carnations for decorating their sacred statues. These flowers were also used in ceremonial crowns. These flowers were often used as wedding bouquets. It symbolize prosperity, faithfulness and happiness.

There are so many interesting facts about the carnations as well.

The beautiful carnations have been bestowed with the title of ‘National Flower’ by Spain,Colombia,Slovenia and Monaco. The green version of these carnation have been used for a prolonged period for the celebration of Ireland’s St. Patrick’s Day whereas the red and pink version is used by Koreans for their Parents Day. These carnations also come into play while making the heady French liquor Chartreuse. The flowers aren’t just for decoration but they also provide with inspiration for the painters especially Dutch Masters, like Alphonse Mucha and Banksy. Carnations have been a part of heraldic family crests but here it is known as the “Gilly Flower”.

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