Careers for Music Lovers

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Music is serene. Music is relaxing. It is a form of art that you can appreciate without being an artist. And if you have an inherent passion for music why not surround yourself with it? Why not take it up as your profession; you can enjoy it all day long. For all those music lovers who are unsure of which career path to opt for we have bifurcated a few popular jobs below:

Lyricist/Composer: Does this need any explanation at all? Certainly NO! If you think you have a hidden talent and people go crazy with your poetic compositions; don’t think twice. This field could just be right for you. Use the magic of your compositions to mesmerize your audience; consider yourself on the right path if you get hired by a musician. An educational background in creative writing or music seems apt.

Disc Jockey: Again, we all are familiar with what the DJ’s do to make your parties lively. Don’t we? They work around with music and beats in such a way that the audience is left entertained. Appearances and performances in local concerts, adding your magic to the music and getting the guests to tap their feet to the tunes requires a lot of creativity. The connect you manage to develop with the audience is the best reward you can get in this role.

Music Journalist: Music Magazines are quite common these days. An opportunity to write for one such can be instrumental in letting the music world know, you exist. You must have heard of Rolling Stone, Raga to Rock, Rock Street Journal, Sruti Magazine, Noise Factory Magazine etc. Imagine their reach; getting to write for them could prove to be a stepping stone towards a brighter future. You would be expected to talk about the latest music, provide reviews on albums, interview artists and write about their work etc. Attracting the attention of more and more readers will be your true incentive.

Music Teacher: Sharing your knowledge and making others proficient in the skills you possess (relating to music) can be an effective way to pay tribute to Saraswati who is a Hindu goddess of knowledge, art and music. Fundamentals of music are the very base of the strong foundation one can build before pursuing a career in music. If you think you have a firm grasp of these fundamentals or understand the nitty-gritty’s of any instrument go ahead and train more aspiring and budding musicians.

Recording Engineer: If you are good with the technicalities consider entering the production or post-production side of music. Record, edit or mix tunes and melodies and give the public that final captivating song.

Music Agent/Representative: Agents are those who assist musicians in keeping track of their assignments. The myriad offers that top musicians get from various sources and contacts need to be managed and scheduled in an organized fashion to avoid slippage or overlapping. Musicians hire agents for such tasks. Representatives, on the other hand, network with the press and take care of the press releases or interviews or campaigns.

Music Therapist: Music is known to keep us composed; it has the power to heal. If you believe in this concept try pursuing a certified program in music therapy. Learning the techniques and practically applying them on a wide range of patients to help address their tensions, anxiety and trauma would make good use of the power of music. The well-renowned American Music Therapy Association is one great place to learn about Music Therapy. One can practice at rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, health agencies etc or have one’s own clinic.

These are just a few careers; if you wish to explore this field further and are unable to come to a consensus with yourself on which option best suits you then contact Leverage Edu. After all, everyone needs a mentor!


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