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Cardinal Rules To Create SEO-Friendly Content

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It is known to all that content is king. If the content is not appropriate, the website does not have any meaning to it. Many write content for websites. But Google prefers those that are SEO-friendly. If the content of your website is not to search engine optimization friendly, Google will never consider it. However, several content marketing services help you with content relevant to your brand’s objectives.

Having a basic knowledge of content marketing can help you choose the best content marketing services in India. So, here are some rules that you can follow to create SEO-friendly content for websites:

  1. Focus on originality

Creating SEO-friendly content is not a difficult task, provided you have the basic knowledge of search engine optimization. The first and foremost rule that one should follow is to be as original as possible for content marketing. The moment you copy, Google gets confused between your website and the site from where you copied. So, naturally, none of the sites get the desired rank as they would have got otherwise if the content was authentic. Another essential factor when creating content is focused on writing innovative stuff to stand out from the crowd. Of course, you can seek inspiration from other industry sources, but copying materials from them means you are killing your site.

  1. Choose the right keyword

Since you want to create SEO-friendly content, picking the right keyword is the ultimatum. Here, your motive should be to target the right keyword to deliver a substantial piece of content that can better rank your website. Here, you can make use of a keyword search tool to pick the right keywords. Make sure to avoid keyword stuffing. For example, if you are writing content of 500 words, you should not use more than three keywords. For better keyword research, follow these tips:

  • Consider your main topic
  • Brainstorm your list of preferred keywords
  • Start your keyword research process
  • Avoid high search volume keywords
  • Go for long-tail keyword phrases
  1. Effective optimization of your titles

When you look for something in Google, you are given a series of options to choose from. The pages that appear on the first page of Google are the ones with the most enticing titles. Therefore, it is evident to you that the headline of contents matters the most. The more attractive the content’s title, the more people will click on it and visit that page. Also, to make the title keyword-friendly, you can use keywords in the title. Make sure that the keywords appear to be added naturally. They should not look forced.

  1. Look forward to content with better readability

Content readability means the easiness that visitors face while reading the content. This implies that the visitors of your site must not face any difficulty while reading the page. Therefore, while you are busy optimizing your content by looking for the right keyword, do not compromise with the readability of the content. Even though Google’s ranking factor is not affected by the readability of the content, but this does not mean you will write meaningless stuff. On the contrary, the more engaging content you write, the better site traffic you will enjoy.

  1. Focus on improving user experience

Another factor that contributes to the success of the website is user experience. The better experience your users have while navigating through your site, the better response you will get. Therefore, when creating the website, keep your readers in mind.


Therefore, if you want your website to get the required traffic, making it SEO-friendly is a must. Also, this will give your site a better rank in Google’s search results.

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