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Car Keys & Vehicle Security Tips

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The most important part of your vehicle’s security is its keys. While a simple car thief now requires access to your car keys to steal your vehicle, more modern car thieves do not essential and yet steal your vehicle in minutes using various technology devices.

You will require more than Lock change Dubai to avoid theft incidents. We’ll provide you with advice on dealing with both types of auto theft and an inside look at the current tactics used by expert and unskilled car thieves.

  Here are a few ways your vehicle might be stolen.

  • Your keys have been taken from you or your home.
  • Professional auto thieves have targeted your vehicle.
  • Car thieves switching keys
  • Back-alley garages or rogue locksmiths

Person Or Home

Protecting your car keys at home will entail following all of the fundamental rules for safeguarding any of your valuables.

Car Thieves

Professional auto theft is on the rise. Car thieves are organized and skilled all over the world. Methods vary by country, but the result is the same: vehicles are being targeted for the lucrative car parts market. Car thieves no longer prefer an expensive car with added security; instead, they like ordinary vehicles with little or no protection.

Car cloning is becoming more common among professional thieves. This is a practice in which a thief finds an innocent vehicle that is identical to a stolen vehicle and clones the registration and license plate number from the innocent vehicle onto the stolen vehicle. Only hire trusted Car key maker Dubai to avoid unwanted incidents.

Key Swapping

When a car thief test drives a vehicle but returns it with the wrong car key, the key he returns to the unsuspecting person selling the car is actually from another car, and the thief returns the next day or night with the correct key he swapped on the test drive to steel the vehicle.

Key Cloning

Another approach is when a customer hires a rogue locksmith or a back alley garage to get Lost car key replacement such as locksmith clones or code extra keys to their vehicle without their knowledge.


We spend a significant time and money on our automobiles and their upkeep. And the more valuable the vehicle, the more likely it is to be stolen from a parking lot or even someone’s driveway. Furthermore, car theft is on the rise is not the only concern for vehicle owners. Car thieves nowadays use high-tech, non-invasive techniques that make it easy to slip under the radar and escape unobserved, which is an even more significant concern. As a result, it’s critical to take extra security precautions to keep your vehicle safe from criminals. When you park your automobile, the vehicle’s safety should be your top consideration, especially at night. To avoid unneeded anxiety, review our top security suggestions to help you adequately protect your car and reduce your chances of becoming an unjust victim of auto theft.

  1. Secure car keys

Keep your car keys, including spares, out of sight. This may seem self-evident, but it is sometimes overlooked, particularly when individuals need to stop in front of a store or petrol station quickly. If you leave your car keys in a visible location, robbers will have easy access to the vehicle, which will be stolen easily and swiftly. Obtaining the original car key is the simplest method of stealing practically any car because it will not set off a manufacturer or aftermarket alarm.

It’s just as crucial to keep a watch on your car keys during your daily errands to keep them close by at night. Always keep them away from the front entrance and in a house or apartment that is easily accessible. This is because it is not uncommon for burglars to break into homes to obtain the keys and steal the car parked in the driveway.

  1. Get a car alarm.

Car alarms are designed to inform individuals if an unauthorized person attempts to tamper with a car and function as a theft deterrence device. Auto alarm systems are typically a good car security feature because they are always active and go off fast if someone tries to break into the vehicle. Some of the more complex automobile alarms come with extra capabilities, such as a mobile notification system, that sends out alerts if suspicious activity is detected.

  1. Install a steering lock

The steering lock is one of the most basic theft deterrent devices, as well as a relatively affordable car security feature, at least for those looking for a more basic model. The more you are prepared to pay, though, the higher the quality and advanced features you will normally receive. The steering wheel lock attaches directly on the steering wheel, preventing it from moving and thereby preventing car theft.The locks on the steering wheel are similarly brightly colored and visible from the outside of the vehicle. This way, burglars and auto thieves will be less likely to break into the vehicle, making it much easier for them to find an easier target and leave your vehicle alone. Hence it would be the best idea to hire a good locksmith Car key maker to install a steering lock in your car.

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