How can you share your 360-degree posts on social media?

You must have heard of a new trend these days on social media, i.e. the 360-degree content, which is followed in abundance by a lot of people on various social platforms.

360-degree posts make include photos and videos which are a controlled panoramic post that surrounds the original point from where the shot was taken.

Like 360 videos are clips which displays a spherical scenario where the camera has recorded the entire angle of a, mainly chosen surrounding. There are various social networks out there like Facebook, Twitter, and kuula. Co, Instagram etc. and at every social platform, the way of sharing 360-degree posts are different.

People also choose Affordable 360 video camera for 360-degree photos and videos.

As just for the sake of this you are not going to spend dollars on the camera. So the cameras which you are buying should be useful for you to shoot the 360-degree photos and videos as well as normal way of taking pictures.

As there are various platforms to share this type of post, there are separate tips on how to share 360-degree posts on these different platforms with your family and friends.

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Following are the tips for different social media sites:

  • Facebook: Facebook now supports 360-degree videos. Firstly, you need to choose a place which you want to capture then place yourself at the centre. Use 360 photos through the Facebook app to take a panorama shot of full 360 degrees. Now upload your 360 photos just like any other photo, and it will automatically detect that it is a 360-degree post if all the criteria match. Once uploaded it will show up on your timeline and others can also see them in their news feed.
  • It is not so commonly used site. Rather it is designed exclusively for sharing 360- degree posts. It works with equirectangular 2:1 image shot with any camera. After uploading it can show your photo in a spherical view. This can be both free and paid, depends on your desired features. Kuula also lets you share your 360-degree photos on Twitter as a third party service since Twitter does not support sharing 360 degree posts directly.
  • YouTube: YouTube supports uploading 360 videos. Just you need to modify the file with an app before uploading. Being prepared, you can now upload the video on YouTube.

With a growing trend of 360-degree posts, you can also get involved in this and can share all that you want in the form of 360 degrees.

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With an Affordable 360 video camera, you can upload pictures very efficiently.

Special software’s are also required to share 360-degree panoramas as you can’t just email it or send it via some attachment, as if you will do it you will end up getting a distorted image which of course you will not want to share with people on your social platform circle.


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