Buying jewelry and giving it the right way – How to be successful

The search for suitable jewelry to buy for women is often a difficult situation for men. You not only have to meet the woman’s taste but above all choose the right moment. The even bigger challenge is, “How do I find the right piece of jewelry for you? With the huge range of jewelers and online shops, you’d have to think that buying jewelry and giving it away is very easy. Not correct!

Because jewelry is one of the most delicate gifts you can ever give. Although many women want a beautiful, elegant necklace or a pair of classy earrings, there are many faux pas. You not only have to choose between real and costume jewelry, discreet and striking, but you also have to know exactly what your relationship is with the person. Each piece of jewelry has its meaning. You give your mother something different from your girlfriend/colleague and she gives something different from a man to his wife.

Of course, we do not leave you alone with all these worries and give you recommendations in this article with which you do not waste time and money unnecessarily or even disappoint your loved one. We will also suggest to you our top 3 products from different categories such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Which jewelry is she more likely to wear?

When buying jewelry, remember that you are giving it away. This means that the jewelry does not necessarily have to please you, but the lady receiving the gift. Observe the woman’s style.

  • What jewelry does she wear?
  • How does she combine accessories?
  • Which are their centerpieces?

For women, jewelry is not just a gift, but a present that they want to identify with. It should underline their merits. So you not only buy jewelry but also memories. Only when women own the jewelry do they give it their very own personal touch and use the jewelry in a targeted manner.

The piece of jewelry you want to give her should therefore match the accessories that the woman already owns, but still stand out optically to be a very special gift. After all, the jewelry should represent something that she would not buy herself but still fits her appearance wonderfully. 

Choose the right moment for your piece of jewelry

In contrast to other gifts, pieces of jewelry stand out because they have an extremely high emotional memory value for women. The most important thing is the right moment. But also on the place. Which one could that be with you?

  • the place where you met
  • the favorite place in the park
  • Favorite restaurant
  • or completely relaxed at home

Think about why you want to buy and give your loved one a piece of jewelry or for what occasion. In this way, you also give meaning to the present itself. Imagine that you will always associate the moment and the occasion with this piece of jewelry when you buy this exact piece of jewelry.

How do you find the right size of the piece of jewelry?

You can make wrong decisions when choosing the size of the piece of jewelry. Especially when buying jewelry on the Internet, you have to pay very close attention to whether the jewelry suits you.

 Also, pay very close attention to which shop window she is standing in front of. Do not try to think about what you like personally, but put yourself in the shoes of the lady receiving the gift. Style jewelry shops know how attentive you have to be to find out what they would like. Therefore, be careful when she shows you pieces of her jewelry or which she even wants to try on. She may also see jewelry on other women or in magazines and draw your attention to them.

 If you are missing the information, ask your best friend to get you. In the best-case scenario, she even knows the circumference of your wife’s fingers. The correct size determination is also important for other pieces of jewelry for women. For example, when looking for necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and watches, ask yourself the following questions:

  •  Which of her priorities could she emphasize through the jewelry?
  • Does she have small or large eyes, a narrow or broad face?
  • Does she have small hands and tender wrists?

It is not easy to get the right measurements when buying jewelry. It is important to keep the proportions of the woman in mind. The piece of jewelry should show its most beautiful features and emphasize your priorities.

So show your wife how much you will love her forever. Make your wife happy by buying and giving her an unforgettable piece of jewelry. After that, you can look forward to a moment full of emotions.

Our recommendation – Top 3 pieces of jewelry that you can buy and give away


Buying a chain and giving it away can mean many things. When choosing the right necklaces for women, you should first pay attention to the right price-performance ratio and then you should value the right quality.

You should work through the following checklist for this:

  • What materials are used
  • Handmade or not?
  • Is there an invoice for the piece of jewelry?

Above all, the materials used are very important, brittle materials should be avoided in any case, Oxidized silver is best suited for necklaces for women because it looks extremely luxurious. Of course, the right choice of clothing for necklaces for women should also be selected.

If you want to buy oxidized silver jewelry, click on the link to visit our shop for checkout.


Earrings were used as a medical remedy for eye ailments in the 17th century. Since then they have been wearing the symbolism of a protective amulet, which is effective against diseases and other ailments. Simple stud earrings, classic stud earrings, medical stud earrings, or trendy, modern stud earrings. All of them are among the most popular accessories that have accompanied women for ages.

Earrings are available in all imaginable shapes, colors, and materials. Particularly high-quality ear studs are made of stainless steel or oxidized silver which is decorated with exclusive crystals or pearls. If you want to buy a half-cut pear-shaped silver earring, click on the link to visit our website for checkout.


A simple silver bracelet can be a wonderful addition to the wedding dress. Goes well with subtle jewelry, be it a pair of stud earrings and a beautiful necklace. There are nice accessories in the arm jewelry sector. Bracelets were originally invented to be used as a mini shield against sword attacks. During the cold, warriors, in particular, wore this jewelry, which made it a symbol of strength and power. So if you want to give the recipient some power, the best way to express this is with a bracelet.

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