These Bridesmaid Poses You want to Do with Your BFF

A wedding album seems to be incomplete without the bridesmaid weird poses. No matter how much busy are they on the occasion, photo sessions are equally important. Photographing the groom and groomsmen can turn out to be a real tough challenge but talking about brides and bridesmaids, they can be more challenging. You must be thinking“how to find banquet halls near me?”to get the space and have awesome time with friends who have made your wedding celebration a memorable event for you with their presence.The most difficult task is to bring out love and affection in bridesmaids for each other without a bit of tears and smearing their makeup. Above everything, you will have to shoot in optimal conditions where in groom cannot find a way out to watch her bride doing so. For these obvious reasons and some more, these bridesmaid poses will help you a lot –


To demonstrate a perfect “helping hands” pose, you can make the bride stand in between you all. After that ask her to get busy in some task such as – making her hair, uplifting her dress etc. Meanwhile she is doing so, you all can busy yourself in some other chores such as – applying her makeup, fixing her dress, making the hair, helping in wearing the jewellery etc. Ensure that you make her smile bright.


This pose is considered to be the most favourite poses. This pose can be performed anywhere. Do it while sitting or standing, both ways would look amazing. Make the bride sit in the centre and blow her some magical kisses. Wear a decent dress or some night suit, do it the way she loves to. Ask the bride to smile or laugh while posing. You all can apply same colour of lipsticks and the bride of different colour. This bridesmaid pose can add a charm to the wedding album.


For this, you all will have to dress up wisely, choose a colour of dress and ask all the bridesmaids to dress accordingly. Let the bride shine in between you all. Select a bouquet with some really beautiful flowers. Match the flowers with your dress. Make sure those flowers vibe with your respective dresses. After that, choose a decent location. Stand in a row. Balance the positions the way you want. There can be many parameters for positioning the bridesmaids. With the flowers, you can have many poses such as hiding the faces in alternatives. Standing straight depicting the serenity etc. You can follow your heart and pose what you want.


While you all along with the bride are getting ready, you can start having a pillow fight. This is a fun idea. Although it can be hurting if your mate is hitting you harder. Ask them to play nicely. If you want to have your hair and makeup done before the pictures gets clicked, then all of you should not hit on the head or over the face. No pillow should hide you or your mates face. Try to be playful while clicking the pictures. You can have a pillow fight while you are half dressed because it will give a very natural pinch to the picture.


It is one of the easiest bridesmaid poses among all. You can arrange yourself in the frame. Show love and affection to each other. Let the smile and happiness come naturally over your face. You can hold any prop if you wish to. You can look to each other and smile because it will look more of a candid picture. Try to capture some amazing pictures in between the giggles.


If you have a group of bridesmaids who love to do something different, showcase those in the pictures. You can select the props, allow your mates to make some unusual faces and get clicked by the photographer in different angles. You can choose the prop which best suits your personality. Interact with the props. Dress according to your props. Ask your photographer to capture the silliest moments of yours with props. Later, you can add them to the wall hangings and remember the time. It can prove to be the magnificent pictures of your life.


Select a live location. Stand in a queue along with your bridesmaids where in the bride is standing in the middle. Just like we cheers to something, float the bouquet in the air and let the smiles come out properly. Ask the photographer to click at the very right moment. He can click multiple pictures to avoid not taking the picture of the right moment. You can choose the best ones among them.


While you are taking the bride to her groom, you can click the picture of that walking pose. Let the bride move one or two steps further you all and closer to the camera.

These fun and exciting bridesmaid poses will add meaningful pictures to the wedding album.

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