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What are the best ways to choose corrugated box suppliers?

 One of the integral parts of a business is packaging. The decisions related to packaging needs to be cautiously made on behalf of the business owner. If you are having a business where lots of products have to be sent to the customers, there is a need to ensure that the products reach the customers in a safe and healthy condition. People who are associated with e-commerce business have to choose a reliable corrugated board supplier in Dubai for a hassle free delivery system. Cardboard boxes are highly effective for product packaging because it protects the items from any kind of damage.

Most of the e-commerce owners prefer corrugated boxes. However, it is important to have reliable corrugated cardboard supplier in Dubai because he can help in determining the types of box that will required for a particular business. Boxes are available in three type- one wall, two wall and three fold boxes. The supplier is the best person to guide on this. How to choose the best supplier? With so many suppliers available in the market, it is quite a daunting task to get hold of the right one. A good packaging requires a lot of efficient planning to ensure satisfaction of the customers. This is possible only when we choose a professional cardboard box company. Here are few tips that will help in choosing the right suppliers.

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  • Needs to have comprehensive understanding on the needs of the customers– Every business have different requirements and therefore it is the duty of the corrugated board supplier in Dubai to trace out the kind of boxes needed by the clients. Various factors have to be kept in mind when selecting cardboard boxes but the usefulness of the boxes become more when they can be customized as per client needs. An entrepreneur might need light cartons or might need strong boxes for packing fragile items. So the supplier needs to have a complete understanding on the needs and should be able to make custom boxes for the clients.
  • Should have an idea about the product that requires packing– How can you differentiate between a good and a bad supplier? A supplier who has complete idea on providing packaging specific to the products is considered as a good supplier. It is essential to know what products have to be packed. Some other things have to be considered by a corrugated cardboard supplier in Dubai which includes the followings- size and weight of the product, pilferage, density etc.
  • The material used– Another essential thing that requires consideration is the material used for built-up of these boxes. Usually the boards which are preferred by most of the ecommerce companies vary from one company to the other. Some may require single wall boxes or some may need triple wall boxes.
  • Should take into concern the urgency factor– The supplier needs to keep in mind the delivery dates. Accordingly, the designing and the manufacturing will be carried out. This factor has to be taken into consideration by the corrugated board supplier in Dubai to ensure how the box will be styled, which materials will be used, and how fast the manufacturing needs to be done. Meeting the deadlines of the customer is important because it is the only way by which a supplier can retain the customers.
  • Shipping and delivery– Out of all the factors mentioned above, this is by far the most important thing that needs to be well-thought-out. Things to consider include whether the cartons will be sent separately or in bulk. Delivery is one of the most sophisticated services and hence the environmental factors like rain, heat, snow, and other atmospheric conditions have to be taken into consideration.

If you find a supplier fulfilling all the above mentioned requirements and criteria, then there is no need of thinking twice on it. However, if there are other suppliers like corrugated cardboard supplier in Dubai offering better prices than the others, there is no wrong in choosing the one offering better prices. In a nutshell, a packaging industry will sustain only when it can customize boxes as per the needs and can deliver them within the stipulated time frame.

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