Best VPN For Romania: Advice From Our Experts

In Romania, the internet is easily accessible because its price is affordable compared to the purchasing power of the inhabitants. Currently, you have to spend an average of 10 euros per month to enjoy a broadband connection by optical fiber, while the average salary of Romanians is 900 euros per month. Despite this, there are still many Public Wifi areas in this country. As a result, the number of Romanian internet users continues to increase every year.

The Internet is used by Romanians to communicate, to share information, to shop online, to sell on the Internet, to share files and videos, for entertainment… etc. In short, it is a very essential tool for the daily life of many Romanians.

To browse the internet freely and safely while in the country, it is necessary to use a VPN service for Romania (also called a virtual private network).

What is Romania VPN?

Virtual private network is an online computer data encryption system. Why encrypt these? Nowadays, all it takes is a simple piece of software that can be easily found on the internet to decipher all the packets that enter and leave the computers of other Internet users.

No need to be a computer engineer for this because good knowledge of computer networks and data exchanges on the Internet is sufficient. To get around these constraints, it is recommended to use a VPN in Romania which will secure these packets.

By being encrypted, they will be unusable by anyone. Moreover with such a tool, only authorized users can access the network: hence its name of virtual private network.

The VPN protocols used for setup vary from operating system to operating system or vendor to vendor. The most widely used currently are PPTP, Open VPN and L2TP which encrypts the user’s connection at 128 bits, 256 bits and 256 bits respectively. If you want the best VPN for downloading, you will have to choose your provider well, but also your protocol.

Manual configuration is recommended for both PPTP and L2TP protocols while for OpenVPN it is recommended to use client software. With this method, a few clicks are enough to set up the configuration of your Romania VPN.

What you can do with Romania VPN

According to the explanations above, the VPN therefore makes it possible to secure the user’s internet connection. But that’s not all because it can also be used to browse the internet anonymously and at the same time unblock geo-censored sites in Romania.

How? ‘Or’ What? By connecting to a server located in another country, the user automatically changes his IP address. Therefore, he has access to all websites hosted in that country because geo-censorship is based on filtering a series of IP addresses belonging to the same country.

If, for example, an American site is blocked in Romania, you must therefore connect to an American server to unblock it.

The same goes for Asian or African sites… If you were wondering how to watch M6 from abroad? Now you have your answer, with the best Romania VPN: ExpressVPN!

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