Best Kept Secrets for Selling Your Home

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Selling a home involves more than just putting it up for sale. It requires you to know the tips of the real estate market; what sellers who get top dollar for their homes do. You need to know how to stage it right, and what to have or not have in the house and outside. If you’re selling your home, read on and get to know the industry’s best-kept secrets.

1. Making the Home Spacious

Make it easy for people to walk around and comfortable-looking to buyers. The person or persons inspecting your home will not want to bump on things or squeeze through spaces. Lack of enough space would make them quickly change their mind to look elsewhere.

Remove excess furniture and items that don’t add value to the home’s price. If the items are too personal or too old, get them out. Or you could find a room to keep them, so they get out of the way. The aim is to get rid of unnecessary clutter, so your home looks spacious and comfortable.

2. Allowing as Much Light as Possible

Few buyers will want a house that looks dark even during the day. It makes the home’s atmosphere gloomy and terrifying. It also makes the inspection of the home difficult, as potential buyers viewing it find it hard to see every corner.

Replace lights that are not functional. Bring in lights with high power ratings and replace old and dimmed lights with new ones. Lower blinds to allow as much sunlight as possible. Clean dirty window panes that block natural light from reaching the inside of the house. Cut trees and trim hedges growing next to windows. A well-lit house is what most buyers find attractive.

3. Rearranging Everything

A well-arranged house looks more appealing. Buyers inspecting it will very likely want to live in it. If you have never paid attention to the way things are placed around the house, it’s time you did.

Move items and use your judgment to see where they look better when positioned. Move pieces of furniture away from walls. Creatively arrange artwork. Assume you’re the buyer viewing the home and see what arrangement impresses you and what doesn’t.

4. Using Colors to Bring Life to the Home

Renew your walls with a fresh paint. When used creatively, color can make a home more beautiful than it was, and more exciting to live in. Because humans are naturally wired to like what their eyes see, great use of colors in a home can boost its sale rate and price.

Paint walls with the appropriate color. Paint items in the house, too, but avoid the overuse of colors. If unsure of what’s attractive and what’s not, seeking the advice of a professional would help.

5. Speaking to a Realtor

A real estate agent would be resourceful when selling your home. They will advise you on the best ways to make improvements for your home to sell fast, and for a good price. They also know the market value of homes and will tell you which price is right to set, so you don’t end up selling your house cheaply.

Chat them up and get to hear what they say about how to impress a home buyer. Ask them about the facelift you’re supposed to give your home, and if possible, have them handle the home selling process.

6. Avoiding a Price That’s Too High

Asking for a high price for your home may be tempting but, unfortunately, it may fail to work out as expected. It would put off buyers even before they take a look at the features in the listing, or even before requesting to view your home.

Give the best offer based on the current situation of the real estate market. Setting a lower price than the market value may seem unworkable and a move in the wrong direction, but results from various studies indicate otherwise.

Research findings show that prices that are lower than the current market value grab the attention of buyers the most. The result is that you get many offers, with most of the buyers offering to buy the home at an amount higher than your asking price.

Selling a home needs a clever use of the industry’s tips. Once you understand the needs of buyers and how to make your home meet their expectations, the whole process becomes fast and easy. Finding a buyer offering a good price becomes more probable, too.

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