The Best Fish Fry in Delhi

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Fish fry is just like cricket, it’s an enigma. You either love to death or would prefer death over fish fry. Just like Navjot Singh Sidhu honours every joke coming his way, almost every fish that knows how to swim can be fried, a few Indian favourites though are Rohu, Catla or Hilsa depending upon the region you reside in. Outside India, Trout, snapper, Salmon are few preferred varieties.

Fish fry usually is a no brainer. Take the fish and dunk it in oil along with a few condiments. Specifications change according to regions. In India, the flag bearer of the community is the Amritsari Fish fry. The name itself can leave many passionate foodies salivating, The Amritsari fish fry isn’t just a dish, it’s more a way of life, as iconic as the chole bhature or the butter chicken or even paani puri.

Making the fish fry is pretty easy. The fish needs to be marinated in a batter involving ginger-garlic paste, red chilly powder, chickpea flower, lemon juice & turmeric powder. Leave that for an hour and then let the pieces swim in hot oil till they turn a crisp golden brown.

The Amritsari fish fry can be served with onion rings, mint-coriander chutney along with lemon wedges. You simply can’t read or write about this without salivating. A few more varieties of fish fry can be made including a Bengali and Chinese version. The beauty of the fish fry is that it can’t go wrong till you horribly mess it up.

The English fish and chips is the other iconic dish which has its origins in the Great Britain and can be found world over. The English love their fish and chips and this too like the Amritsari variety is pretty easy to cook. The English fish and chips is a full meal involving mashed potatoes, wedgies or fries along with or without a curry sauce. Blame the Asians for adding the curry to the otherwise near-perfect dish but one can’t deny that it makes the offering slightly better.

The fish which is usually Cod or Haddock is first marinated in a batter made of flour, paprika and other condiments and is deep fired in canola oil. Once done, it’s served with golden fired potato wedgies. The curry sauce is fairly simple to cook. Some stock along with flour, condiments and finely chopped onions is all you need to rake up a very Indian smelling curry which goes along with fish and chips like Laurel and Hardy.

Another simple way to eat fried fish is to make fries with tartar sauce. Your regular fish fillet wrapped in egg yolk and bread crumbs can mystically turn into a comfort food. Throw in some tartar sauce and it’s a party favourite.

Not all kind of fish taste good after being deep fried. Usually the colour of its uncooked fillet determines the flavour intensity of the meat. The whiter fish are used more often for frying whereas more vibrant ones like Salmon are usually reserved for shallow cooking involving butter and rosemary. Watch Fish Fry challenge on Eattreat Youtube channel

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