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Dash cam is in existence since past many years but people were not much conscious about its importance. Nowadays, there is surge in its usage due to its numerous benefits.

Dash cam or a Dashboard cam is basically a sophisticated device, that is used to record inside and outside situation of the car.  A crucial function of these affordable and featured cameras is the fact that they can be easily collaborated with adifferent on-board technology, such as recorders and GPS devices.

You would be flattered to see how much dash cams have updated over the years. At the time being, these high-quality cameras come with plenty of useful features and ergonomics that can give you advantagein many different ways.

Here is some information you should refer while purchasing dash cam


Dash cams have earned popularity in recent days and the reason behind this is you can drop the stunt videos as well as furious car driving video which are lively captured due to the installation of dash cams. But the more important reason behind their installation is avoid accidents and hazard.

There are various dash cams available out there in market. While buying the product you must consider your purpose and the extent of your need.

Refer the following points

  • Check the video quality of camera. If your product is highly ergonomic with external features but if your camera quality is poor then it won’t be worth buying.
  • Dash cams with in built GPS will automatically add a location to any crucial video clip, with the help of this feature you can let viewers know where exactly an incident took place handy if the police or insurers are trying to link up your footage with CCTV images or witness information, so make sure if your product has this facility.
  • Go through the storage of the device and buy the product with necessary storage capacity.
  • Make sure that your dash cam has voice activation facility so that you would not need to take your hands-off steering wheel to operate the product.
  • If your product has parking mode and wifi connecting facility then is well and good, you would be able to record the surrounding even though you are not in your car.

Below I have discussed some of the best dash cam for car


AUKEY Dash Cam, 1080P Dashboard Camera Recorder Sensor and Clear Night time Recording

If you are looking for an affordable and highly ergonomic dash cam then AUKEY dash cam is exclusively made for you. This brand incorporates features like wide angle lens, 1080p dash camera recorder, clear night time recording, etc.

The very highlighting reason of why you should buy this product is, this product automatically captures unexpected driving incidents. Activated by sharp turns or sudden stops.Stealth design Camera installs discreetly behind your rear-view mirror. It is high a high-quality camera recorder brand which is absolutely favourable for your need.

Dual Dash cam  VAVA Dual 1920x1080P FHD

VAVA Dual 1080P Dash Cam can simultaneously capture the road front (155°) and rear (126°) in crystal details at dual 1920x1080P 30fps. This exclusive VAVA Dash cam comes with night vision recording feature, Wi-Fi dash cam & VAVA Dash APP, Loop recording, etc. Using the ergonomic provision of in built WIFI you can access the livestream and social media the unique part about this brand is the loop recording option gets enabled automatically when the engine starts. The device is quite compact and super easy to install. You might seem this device out of your budget, but this highly durable device is going to be your one-time investment. It is always better to invest into something best even though it is out of your budget rather than investing into something worthless just because it fits in your budgets.

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