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Importance of Air Filter Replacement to Prevent Allergies

Pet dander, dust, mold spores, pollen, and other dust mite feces are some of the most common types of allergens which can trigger different types of allergies especially in those who have more sensitive body system. The best way to prevent allergies is to use the most suitable and effective air filter replacement for Air conditioner or furnace as this technique helps in preventing the actual causes of allergies. Below you are going to read about three options and you can choose any of them according to your actual requirement.

Fiberglass Air Filters

Though, most common type of air filters are considered to be fiberglass because they are least expensive but one must know that they are also considered to be less effective when you want to prevent or remove out all types of allergens from circulating air inside the house and the main reason is that they are created to trap the bigger particles of dust, but they are not designed to trap the tinniest particles. So this type is cost effective but might not be perfect for preventing allergies. If you don’t find it better, you can move to the other replacement type.

Pleated Air Filters

You can also think about pleated filters which are actually the modified type of panel filter designed to use the folds or pleats in materials to improve surface zone. This type of change in the design has made it more capable to trap the tinniest dust particles as now it has got a much efficient type of material to be used for filtration process.

Pleated designed can be said as the upgraded version from fiberglass throwaway furnace filters. It is also important to note that the pleated filter system for furnace normally works three month or more in some cases which means they are disposable.

Electrostatic Air filters

These are considered to be comparatively less expensive but proven to be more effective as these type of filters work on permanent basis which means for a much longer period than the disposable type and thus in this way you can save a lot of money that you normally have to pay for disposable systems every 3-6 months. It removes out the highest percentage of pollutants from the air. These are washable and to operate them properly you just need efficient supply of electricity. The most important benefit of using this type is that you can use them on permanent basis. To learn more about air filters, you can visit this website.

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