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Bedbugs Infestation Prevention and Control For Better Sleep

The resurgence of bedbugs in Dubai homes has kept many people awake at night. Their presence can even cause you to Panic. But don’t be alarmed. There are different remedies and techniques for getting rid of bedbugs. If the infestation is in its early stage and the problem has not grown out of control, you can solve it yourself, depending on the level of infestation. However, the techniques may not work if the infestation is severe; in that case, you will have to hire pest control services Dubai.

Controlling bedbugs is complex and can take weeks to months, depending on the nature and extent of the infestation. These wingless pests can survive for extended periods without food in cold environments. They feed on human blood while humans are sleeping, making it difficult to detect their presence. Pest control companies Dubai have experienced professionals who know different pests, their life cycles, their living habits, and possible ways of exterminating those pests in a given situation.

Where Do Bedbugs Come From

Bedbugs can be found in any location where humans congregate, so it’s no surprise that they spread from place to place. Humans have aided in their spread. They are mostly found near beds, as the name implies. To survive, they are drawn to and feed on warm-blooded animals.

Pests are drawn to your home for various reasons, with unsanitary conditions being one of the most common. Bedbugs, unlike other pains, are attracted to even the cleanest and most organized homes. There are numerous ways for these pests to enter your home and stay for an extended period, turning your life into a living nightmare.

In most cases, bedbugs are brought in with household items such as old furniture or clothes borrowed from someone. Other locations could be from the market, where you purchased items such as a used book or photo frames. In other cases, you may have brought them with you from a trip to a low-income country or location, and pests can hide inside your luggage or in your dirty clothes. Another risky fact is that your pets bring bedbugs into neighbors’ homes and then sleep in your bed.

Bedbug Infestation Early signs

Bedbugs are tiny and difficult to detect. They are only seen at night or in the dark. They frequently hide in the seams of mattresses and box springs and along the edges of beds and other furniture. It is common to notice signs of bedbugs before actually seeing the pest. The following are indications of a bedbug infestation:

  • The feces of bedbugs. They leave their jet-black feces all over the place and in large quantities. There will be black patches in the corners of their habitat. They have sticky feces and appear as specks on the wood.
  • Bloodstains. Remember, they feed on blood, so you’ll find bloodstains on sheets along with black feces.
  • Bedbug eggs and shells The presence of white and husk-like specks should alert you to the presence of intruders.
  • Unpleasant odors. Bedbugs have a musty, unpleasant odor.
  • You have itchy red spots on your skin when you wake up. The most visible sign of a bedbug infestation is the presence of bites on your skin.

Tips To Control Bedbugs

  1. Ensure that threats you are dealing with are bedbugs:

To confirm that they are bedbugs, take a closer look or use the signs as mentioned earlier. Once you’re confident, you can begin the process of eradicating them.

  1. Plan to Eliminate them without Panic:

If you do not fear these pests because they are dangerous, this could be very helpful to control them. Stay calm and find a long-term solution so that your life can return to normal.

  1. Think through a treatment option:

If you decide to use a pesticide, follow the label’s safety precautions. You can hire a professional pest control company Dubai to help you limit your exposure to pesticides.

  1. Declutter your house:

Remove unnecessary items from your home to reduce the number of hiding places. A cluttered home protects them while making it difficult to find them. Disinfection services in UAE can be beneficial and worth trying.

  1. Wash your bedding regularly

It would be beneficial if you washed and dried your bedding regularly. Direct heat can kill any bedbugs that survived the washing.

Want a Bedbug Extermination?

Pro Shield Pest Control is a licensed pest control company that employs trained technicians. We provide practical, tailored bedbug treatments that eliminate bedbugs where they live and breed. Contact us for pest control that is effective and quick while causing as little disruption as possible.

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