Become Addiction Counselor with Proper Guide

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Who is an Addiction Counselor?
An addiction counselor works for clients who are addicted to the certain bounding of drugs, alcohol, or any other anti-social nature. The main objective of the addiction counselor is to help them in their treatment and return them to normal life.

The addiction counselor must be certified, properly educated, and licensed owned. He or she also has to be passionate about the work. This is a very responsible job. So, if anyone wants to become an addiction counselor he or she must know the work responsibility and has to co-up with the situation.

The responsibilities of Addiction Counselor:
Communication: Communication is one of the important tasks of an additional counselor. He needs to do proper communication with the patients, families, organizations, and other professional staff for the counseling.

Information gathering: He will communicate with all the information he has. Collecting information about patients is an important task. He must do a combination of information and communication. He also documents the information with priority.

Help in recovery: He or she has to encourage patients for treatment and rehab. They need to discuss with the officials and the patients about the treatment. Even he has to solve critical challenges also. But as a responsible member, he has to control the situation and follow the process.

Understand the feeling: He or she has to be responsible and understand the feelings of the clients. Sometimes he has to treat his patients as their friends or family members. In this sector emotions and feelings play a very important role in better treatment. So, he needs to be the best person for the patients.

Trust building: This the necessary job of an addiction counselor. He or she has to make trust-building with the patients and the patient party. Without proper trust, he cannot get a responsive attitude from the patients.

Support clients: The counselor has to be supportive. In any situation, he or she has to support the patients for better recovery. Sometimes patients feel neglected and mental stress during the treatment process. At this time support, the patients are the main objective of the counselor.

Educated them: For better treatment, he needs to educate the people who are involved during the counseling process. So, not only he needs to support them but educate them properly. Sometimes the families of the patients behave immaturely. He has to tackle the situation and describe them the good sign of the treatment.

Do research: He has to research on every single matter of the patients. Like the patient’s history, medical research, and his mental condition, etc. Also, understand the step by step methods of the treatment process.

Co-ordination: This is an important job role of the addiction counselor. He needs to coordinate with the other professional staff in the process of treatment. He needs to communicate with doctors, patients, families, organization. In general, he works as a bridge between the patients and the organization.

Maintain record: He needs to maintain all possible records of the patients. He will do all documentation of the information. Also, maintain the health insurance of the patient and tracking the patient’s records during the treatment.

Educational Qualification:

To become an Addiction counselor he or she needs to have some educational qualifications and other requirements.

  1. He or she must have a bachelor’s degree in social or psychology or any related subject.
  2. He must have a master’s degree in counseling.
  3. Complete internship program. They can do it both traditional and online platform.
  4. Sometimes a Ph.D. degree is also mandatory for the counselor.

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