Beautify and Healthify with Antiviral Laminates

Home is the place where we feel safe and are at comfort—something we build with a lot of care and consideration in our choices. People have always wanted their perfect home, in a way, they find it most beautiful.

Everyone looks for the best for themselves and their family, keeping in mind their health and safety as their number one priority. This includes every small detail, and laminates are no exception. Laminates are an important part in a house because it is used on a large portion.

What is a laminate?

It is an artificial material made by compressing together thin layers of craft paper and resin. It is used to cover different surfaces in interior spaces like walls, wooden furniture, panels and shutters.

What you choose matters. Health awareness has always existed, but we gave more importance to the outcome of our choices. We chose only beauty and not quality and safety. But, in the wake of the current pandemic, health has become of utmost significance for everyone. With study hinting towards having to live with it, future life is decided upon, taking into consideration precautions against it.

Lockdowns have become a massive part of the lives of people all over the globe, and they are unpredictable due to the high and sudden variations in a number of cases. We spend a lot more time in our houses than ever before. We used to stay out for work or school, and the end of the day was the only time we returned to our homes to rest. Our lives were busy and social. It is the same now but different at the same time as we are social by being virtually social. We meet through our laptops and work, and school has all shifted to begin ‘from home’. For this purpose, it is important that we make smart decisions for our house to ensure the safety of all, including children and seniors.

What we are looking for now is beauty along with hygiene. There has been an increase in demand for choices more flexible to the current situation, something that can protect them and has an extra benefit of guarantee regarding safety.

CenturyLaminates works towards the demands and wants of the customers and fulfilling their needs. Customer satisfaction is their priority, and they have been in this service for many years now. The brand has been ahead of time and working with safe technology and microbe killing technology for a while now but, looking into the needs and higher wants of our clients, the company has come up with ViroKill technology involved antiviral laminates that have been made available in our laminates to give you just what you want.

What is ViroKill?

It is a specially designed mechanism that destroys any bacteria, virus, germs and microbes around and in contact with its surface to keep your home safe and protected from viruses without having to follow any complex procedures or cautions.

It starts functioning soon after placement, and the cycle continues throughout its lifetime.

Why these laminates?

  • They are antiviral and protect you and your family from harmful microorganisms. They are completely safe and can be touched by children without risk. Our laminates have been tested and proved to provide 99.99% protection against viruses.
  • These laminates are easy to maintain. Wiping the surface using a microfiber or dusting it using a microfiber cloth does the job. No special methodologies are required to clean it.
  • These laminates can be used on any surface in the interiors of any residential and commercial spaces to match your taste and preferences.
  • As decor is an equally important decision and the environment that is set plays an equally significant role, our collection of choices is the way to go. We offer a huge range of decorative laminates, where everyone can find the ones for themselves. We have all types of laminates, with a varied range of textures, colours and looks to suit a diverse audience.

CenturyLaminates thus, helps you to satisfy your dream for the comfort, safety and beauty of your home.

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